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This Access Server Client Web UI User Guide explains how to use and manage Access Server's Client Web UI, a web interface for downloading clients and profiles.


Use this guide for Access Server 2.13 and older.

In this guide, we use the following terms:

Access Server

The VPN server, our official VPN software for businesses.

Administrator (admin)

The administrator managing Access Server's configuration settings and users.

Admin Web UI

The web interface for Access Server administrators, hosted by Access Server.

Client Web UI

The web interface for VPN clients, hosted by Access Server.

Connection profiles

The .ovpn text files that contain the directives, parameters, and certificates required to establish the client-server VPN connection.


The custom domain name an administrator may set up for accessing Access Server's Admin and Client Web UIs.

OpenVPN Connect

OpenVPN's official VPN client app, used to initiate the secure connection from a client device to the VPN server.


An end user, such as a remote employee attempting to connect their device to your VPN.

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