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License keys for Access Server

These are the licensing models available for Access Server:

  • Subscription license: Monthly or yearly subscription, starting from five connections.

  • Fixed license: A single-activation, one to five-year license, starting from five connections.

  • AWS license: Only available on Amazon AWS, in sizes five, ten, 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500.

  • Unlicensed: Limited to two connections.


We recommend you keep your Access Server updated. Running on the latest version is good security etiquette.

Access Server Subscription License Keys

  • No activation limit: You can activate it multiple times on multiple servers.

  • Can be shared across servers: You can manage multiple servers with one subscription.

  • Connections are shared: Connections used on servers are taken from a central pool.

  • Can be resized at any time: You can adjust the number of connections at any time.

  • More economical: A larger subscription benefits from a lower price per connection.

  • Per month or per year: You can purchase a subscription monthly or yearly.

  • Requires internet connection: Licensing state is refreshed via the internet.

Access Server subscriptions are a flexible billing system based on the number of concurrent connections. You can pay monthly or yearly and share a single subscription across multiple Access Servers.


A subscription key is a long activation key that works on Access Server 2.8.1 and newer.

Example key:


Subscriptions support the elastic computing model of IaaS cloud operations while retaining our economical and meaningful model of charging based on the needed number of simultaneous VPN connections. You can easily scale your subscription up or down at any time and set them to auto-renew.

While other business VPNs may charge based on the number of CPU cores of the bandwidth of the server, our model focuses on actual VPN connections consumed. Subscriptions are cloud-friendly and streamlined, support automated renewals, and maximize your VPN usage.

AWS Tiered Subscriptions

  • Immediately licensed: After launch, the instance is licensed automatically.

  • Hourly billing: Billing occurs by the hour while the instance is running.

  • Pause billing: If you put the instance in a 'stop' state, the software billing temporarily stops.

  • Annual discount: Amazon AWS supports an annual discount; details are available on their site.

  • Instance billed separately: The Amazon AWS instance is billed separately from the software license.

  • Billing through AWS: Amazon AWS bills you for the instance and the software, not us.

  • Available in tiers: Only specific amounts of VPN connection amount sizes are available.

  • Fixed connection amount: After launch, you can't alter the license size on the instance.

  • Requires internet connection: The VPN servers need to refresh their licensing via the internet.

You can launch Access Server directly through the AWS Marketplace and choose a tiered subscription. With this license, your billing for the AWS instances and the VPN connections are consolidated through AWS. However, if you need to increase or decrease connections, you must launch a new instance at the desired tier. Migrating your VPN server requires a number of steps and may not be ideal if your needs fluctuate.


You can only purchase this model on Amazon AWS through their marketplace.

Access Server Fixed License Keys

  • Single activation only: Once activated, it can’t be used on another server.

  • Single-server only: Locks to the server — each server needs its own key.

  • Fixed connection amount: The license size is fixed after purchase and activation.

  • Yearly cycle: Only available yearly — no monthly option.

  • Can function offline: With our help, your server without internet access can be licensed.

Prior to subscriptions, you purchased Access Server fixed licenses. We still offer these for specific use cases, but they don’t have the same flexibility as subscriptions. For environments where your VPN server doesn’t have internet access, you need to use a fixed license and we assist you in activating it.


A fixed license key is formatted with four groups of four characters.