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Getting Started with Access Server

Start with two free connections. No credit card required.

  • Start now by creating an account on our site and referring to this documentation.

  • Request a demo to learn more about Access Server in a weekly demo with one of our sales engineers.

Setting up Access Server on Linux

Access Server fits seamlessly with Linux. Our latest releases come through our software repository. Access Server provides you with:

  • A VPN server, the underlying component in Access Server.

    • Routing

    • User management

    • Tunneling

    • Authentication

    • Encryption

  • The online Admin Web UI for managing the server.

    • VPN settings

    • Network settings

    • User permissions

    • Web server certificates

  • OpenVPN Connect, the client app to connect users to the VPN.

    • Download pre-configured apps from the Client Web UI.

    • Download connection profiles for any VPN client.

Choosing your platform

You can host a server on-premise, with a virtual machine, or through a cloud service provider. Start by choosing the appropriate platform from inside the Access Server portal. Then, you’ll launch your new VPN server.

We provide installation guides for each option. These make it easy to get your VPN up and running.

Linux-OS-for-Access-Server.svg Linux OS

Virtual-machines-for-Access-Server.svg Virtual machine

access-server-for-your-Cloud-service-provider.svg Cloud service provider

Activate a subscription

When you're ready to increase your connections, we have simple, transparent pricing:

First-time setup

The topics in the first-time setup section walk you through your first use and configuration: