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First-time Admin Web UI

Now that you have your Admin Web UI URL, username, and temporary password, you can sign in to the Admin Web UI:

  1. Open a web browser and enter your Admin Web UI address.

    • A warning displays.


    Access Server’s web interface comes with a self-signed certificate. This allows you to sign in to the Admin Web UI right away. Since it’s self-signed, it triggers an expected warning. We recommend adding your own SSL certificate in the Admin Web UI to resolve this.

  2. Click through to continue to the site.

    • The login screen displays.

  3. Enter your username and password for your openvpn user.


    On Access Server versions older than 2.9, you must manually set the password for the openvpn user with the command: passwd openvpn.

  4. The first time you sign in to the Admin Web UI, Access Server displays the Activation page so you can easily get an activation key:

    1. Click Get Activation Key.

      • This takes you to the Access Server portal; sign in with your account if needed.

    2. Click Activation Keys.

    3. Click through the steps to purchase a new key.

    4. Once you've finished obtaining a subscription, click the Copy icon to copy the subscription key.

    5. Return to your Admin Web UI.

    6. Paste the subscription key in the text field.

    7. Click Activate.

  5. Once your subscription loads, you can see the available connections.


    When users start connecting, you'll see how many are connected. You can also see the connection details on the Access Server portal by clicking Access Server Information.

You can proceed to the next section: Hostname.

Access Server provides web services to run Admin and Client Web UIs.

Client Web UI

The Client Web UI provides your users with pre-configured VPN clients, simplifying connecting to your VPN server.

To access the Client Web UI, use either the IP address or hostname of your Access Server. For example:



The IP address is your server's external IP address. You can set up a custom hostname using the Admin Web UI and a DNS ‘A’ record.

This Client Web UI provides an interface for your users to sign in and retrieve pre-configured downloads of OpenVPN Connect. Users can download and install OpenVPN Connect with a personalized and bundled user profile configuration or download a configuration profile to import into any VPN client that supports .ovpn.

Admin Web UI

The Admin Web UI is available at the same IP address or hostname the Client Web UI uses but at the /admin path. For example:



Once you finish the setup, the credentials and address for the web interface are printed on the screen: