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Activate subscription from Admin Web UI

The first time you sign in to the Admin Web UI, Access Server displays the Activation page so you can easily get an activation key:

  1. Click Get Activation Key.

  2. This takes you to the Access Server portal; sign in with your account.

  3. Click Use Subscriptions (Recommended).

  4. Proceed through the steps to purchase a subscription for your desired connections (when you select Free, you get two connections).

  5. Once you've finished obtaining a subscription, click Copy Key to copy the subscription license key.

  6. Return to your Admin Web UI.

  7. Paste the subscription license key in the text field.

  8. Click Activate.

Once your subscription loads, you can see the available connections. When users start connecting, you'll see how many are connected. You can also see the connection details on the Access Server portal by clicking Access Server Information.


Refer to License keys for Access Server for details about the difference between a subscription and a fixed license.