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Admin Web UI User Manual

This manual provides detailed information about the Admin Web UI, a web-based user interface to manage your Access Server.

Simplified server configuration

Access Server presents the administrator with the most useful configurations of the many options supported by the sophisticated OpenVPN server and clients. An easy-to-use, web-based configuration interface makes setting up and maintaining the Access Server deployment straightforward and efficient.

Support for external user authentication database

Rather than requiring you to create and manage credentials for each valid VPN user, OpenVPN Access Server offers the ability to integrate with existing user authentication systems using PAM, an external LDAP, external RADIUS servers, or SAML SSO.

Easy intuitive web-based client access

Once a user opens a web browser, they can enter their credentials to download pre-configured OpenVPN Connect installers for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, or iOS. Since the installer file was dynamically generated specifically for the user in question, that user can instantly connect to the VPN without needing additional client-side configuration.

Compatibility with a large base of OpenVPN clients

OpenVPN Access Server is immediately compatible with many OpenVPN clients, such as the community projects.

Installing Access Server

Refer to these related resources for helpful information when installing Access Server:

First-time Login

Refer to the topics in the section, First-time setup, to walk through your first use and configuration of the Admin Web UI:

First-time setup

Database management, recovery, and backup

Access Server stores user credentials within a local SQLite 3 database (default configuration) or a MySQL-compatible database. Which database depends on whether or not you configure Access Server within a cluster of servers. We strongly suggest you set up automatic backups in case of server failure. You should create an automated backup even if you have provided the server with failover; there is always the possibility that the database(s) used in your failover may be corrupted, necessitating a backup.

Refer to these resources for managing your database:

Managing the VPN server, Client Web UI, and OpenVPN Connect

Connecting users to Access Server

With Ace4ss Server configured, the next step is connecting to your server. Access Server supports most OpenVPN clients on various operating systems. We provide OpenVPN Connect for most commercial operating systems.

Refer to Connecting Clients for more.