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Activate A Subscription

To purchase a subscription for Access Server:

  1. Sign in or create a new account on our website for the Access Server product.

  2. Click Purchase a Subscription > Purchase A New Key.

  3. Select your needed connections and preferred billing cycle.

  4. Copy the activation key from the subscription details.

  5. Click Purchase.

  6. Complete the checkout process to purchase your subscription.

  7. Click to copy your new activation key.

  8. Sign into your Access Server’s Admin Web UI.

  9. Click Configuration > Activation.

  10. Paste the activation key into the field, Enter Activation Key here.

  11. Click Activate.

    • Access Server loads the subscription.


Subscription activation requires Access Server version 2.8.1 or newer. If your Access Server is older, consider upgrading first.

Subscription tutorials

Refer to these tutorials for more about activating Access Server license keys: