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How to connect to Access Server from a Linux client.


Connecting to Access Server from Linux requires a client program. It captures the traffic you want to send through the OpenVPN tunnel, encrypts it, passes it to the OpenVPN server, and decrypts the return traffic.

Access Server also supports VPN connections from Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices, typically through our official VPN client, OpenVPN Connect.

However, with Linux, you use an open-source client or the NetworkManager GUI instead. You provide the client or VPN plugin with your connection profile and start the VPN session.

Tutorial: Connect from Linux

Follow this tutorial to connect to Access Server from a Linux device:


If you're looking for the open-source community documentation for Linux, follow these links:

Use Cases

You can connect to Access Server from Linux for a variety of reasons. Three common uses cases include:

  1. Securing internet access from a Linux device.

  2. Creating a site-to-site network for your business and branches.

  3. Providing secure access to network resources.