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Secure Remote Access

Secure, reliable connections are a must-have for modern business, but giving remote workers online resources and applications access introduces complex network security issues.


Secure remote access is a game changer for remote and hybrid workforces. But to truly take advantage of those benefits, it's imperative that your organization develops a multi-layered solution to ensure your mobile workforce is logging into corporate networks and 3rd-party cloud services safely and securely.

Connecting workers to corporate resources
A distributed workforce needs secure, reliable access to private company resources — everywhere — and you need a solution that easily scales as your organization grows.
Accessing public cloud resources
Your workforce relies on your cloud and 3rd-party applications, so you need broad support and security for all of them.
Securing connections to partners
Get a flexible, reliable solution that provides zero trust access to business and technology partners, so your business operates without interruption.
Ensuring great end user experiences
Optimal workforce productivity calls for a solution that provides accessibility, security, and convenience for frictionless access to corporate resources wherever they are.

Robust Features and Reliable Solutions for Secure Remote Access

Every connected device, whether it’s company-issued or BYOD, needs secure connectivity. Cloud Connexa provides superior protection by combining global secure access, advanced routing, threat detection, and prevention, as well as firewall capabilities in a virtualized, mesh-connected, high-speed platform. Now, employees, vendors, and business partners have secure access any time and anywhere.

Cloud Connexa gives you the ability to consistently enable secure remote access by:

  • Tunneling only your private traffic and specific internet domains, rather than all traffic, for optimized network bandwidth and superior performance.
  • Using Cloud Smart Routing to ensure enterprise-class redundancy, throughput, and reliability that optimizes traffic by Connector proximity, network behavior, and load balancing between the source and destination.
  • Providing flexible access controls via the Cloud administration portal to ensure users and user groups only have access to resources they need, which helps prevent lateral movement across your networks.
  • Cloud Connexa provides its own two-factor authentication (2FA) and uses the SAML standard to support single-sign on from popular vendors, such as Azure, Okta, and Keycloak. Authentication with LDAP directories on the private network is also supported.
Internet security levels
Optimum routing and scale
Integrated IDS/IPS and other security solutions
SAML based identity federation
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Delivering secure remote access requires a secure, virtualized network that can support every device with enterprise-grade encryption. Built on proven open source technology, Access Server enables advanced authentication through SAML, RADIUS, LDAP, and Active Directory, as well as two-factor authentication (2FA).

Access Server gives you the ability to consistently enable secure remote access by:

  • Balancing traffic across a cluster of Access Servers with DNS round robin. Scale remote connections by configuring an Access Server cluster with distributed nodes located close to user groups.
  • Tunneling only your private traffic to optimize network bandwidth and reduce the load by not tunneling all traffic.
  • Granting different access levels to employee groups, partners, and contractors. Flexible access control lists ensure users and user groups can only access the resources they need.
  • Providing secure single sign-on with SAML, LDAP, RADIUS, Google Authenticator, and integration with 3rd-party identity services.
  • Making Access Server available on all popular cloud marketplaces so you can easily spin up an instance of Access Server in your virtual private cloud.
Increased internet speeds with split-tunneling
Secure remote access everywhere
Fast, easy deployment
Optimized user experience
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Available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian directly from our official repository. Download as a virtual appliance, or launch from a public cloud provider like AWS.