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Restricted Internet Access: Balance Convenience and Security

Remote employees work outside the company firewall, on BYOD devices, often with unrestricted access. This makes your network a prime target for cybercriminals.


Off-site employees are the new norm. And with BYOD policies in place, remote workers are using their mobile devices for business and personal tasks. How can you protect your team and network from pervasive malware and phishing threats that come with this kind of unrestricted internet access?

Securing mobile devices
Continual phishing, malware, and ransomware attempts, and employees’ unrestricted internet access make keeping your organization fully protected difficult.
Protecting cloud applications
As organizations deploy more cloud and SaaS applications company-wide, encrypted public internet communication between employees and applications isn’t guaranteed.
Enforcing corporate internet policies
Accessing non-work-related or inappropriate websites can lead to malware threats and excessive corporate bandwidth usage.

OpenVPN Cloud for Restricted Internet Access: Define Trusted Content and Restrict Access

Mobile employees and an increasingly distributed collection of vendors and contractors are connecting to your network every day. They use the same devices for work, personal email, social media, and ordering takeout. It’s convenient, but these kinds of unnecessary connections expose the entire company to unnecessary risk.

Restricted Internet Access, a core feature of OpenVPN Cloud, enables organizations to control employee access to both internal and external applications. In addition to preventing unlimited access to the broader internet, Restricted Internet Access also secures access to essential work applications. This helps mitigate human errors (e.g., malware downloads) and unnecessary network bandwidth consumption.

openvpn cloud for dns security

OpenVPN Cloud Restricted Internet Access gives you the ability to:

  • Restrict access to the open internet by designating allowed internet destinations to different user groups.
  • Create a trusted-source network for your distributed workforce, all of whom need to access cloud SaaS applications securely.
  • Secure connections to pre-approved applications with enterprise-grade encryption and tunneling.
  • Define and enforce internet access policies for all employees.
  • Protect all connected devices and corporate networks from breaches.
End-to-end public SaaS application security
Protection of mobile devices and remote users
Enforcement of internet usage policies
Secure access to trusted internet destinations
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