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Restricted Internet Access: Securing Special Purpose Devices

The volume and variety of devices connected to a business network require a balance between accessibility and security that doesn’t hinder performance


The modern business environment is a diverse ecosystem with a variety of connected devices. Businesses may have security controls and policies around BYOD devices and remote workers, but how can you protect your business from security threats posed by special purpose internet-connected business devices such as dedicated point of sale (POS) systems and shared office printers?

Limiting access
Specialized, single-purpose devices shouldn’t be exposed to the risk of limitless internet access; access should be limited to essential internet services needed for device function.
Protection from exploits
Any internet connected device is open to exploits and being made part of a botnet. DNS-based content filtering falls short as a safeguard because Command and Control servers can be contacted directly using IP addresses.
Preventing misuse of devices
There is a need to lock down general purpose devices used for a specific purpose such as Android tablets used as a kiosk so that it is not misused for general internet access.

Cloud Connexa for Restricted Internet Access: Define Trusted Internet Services and Restrict Access

Restricted Internet Access, a core feature of Cloud Connexa, enables organizations to enforce very strict internet access control by limiting internet access to essential, trusted services. This restricts the device to those internet services alone; any attempt to use other internet services, either by directly contacting destination IP addresses or using DNS, is blocked.

This level of security is ideal for special purpose internet-connected devices, such as POS and kiosks. Plus, use of restricted internet access reduces the need for other internet traffic security controls because only trusted internet destinations can be accessed.


Cloud Connexa Restricted Internet Access gives you the ability to:

  • Limit access to only designated internet destinations instead of the open internet. Prevent misuse of devices because they can be used to only reach essential internet applications.
  • Secure connections to pre-approved applications with enterprise-grade encryption and tunneling.
  • Protect all connected devices and corporate networks from breaches.
Limiting internet access
Reducing the need for additional security controls
Preventing misuse of special purpose devices
Securing access to trusted internet destinations
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