Simple, Integrated Private Networking and Network Security

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Built-in ZTNA Essentials

What is Cloud Connexa?

With Cloud Connexa your business gets a cloud-delivered service that integrates virtual networking and critical security functions in a secure overlay network that’s easy to deploy and manage. Now you can connect your applications, private networks, workforce, and IoT devices — without complex, hard-to-scale hardware.

Your dedicated secure overlay network enables Zero Trust access to all applications and the internet as well as site-to-site networking while enforcing identity-based access control, preventing malicious network activity, and providing protection by blocking malicious website access.

The Cloud Connexa full-mesh network is accessible from 30+ worldwide locations.

Benefits of Cloud Connexa

  • A single solution for remote access, site-to-site, and IoT connectivity.
  • Eliminates need for hardware that’s difficult to scale and manage.
  • Provides Zero Trust, secure remote access to all private and SaaS apps.
  • Enables easy networking — even with overlapping IP addresses.

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Cloud Connexa comes with three free connections, no credit card required.


Cloud Connexa makes it easier than ever for you to implement a robust, layered security solution.

  • Flexible Internet Routing

    Don’t just tunnel traffic to private resources on your connected networks; get unmatched control over internet-bound traffic routing by User Group, Network, or Host.

  • Multiple Isolated Overlay Networks

    Cloud Connexa combines superior utility and usability so you can create and manage multiple wide-area private clouds (WPCs) from a single Owner account.

  • Application Domain-based Routing

    Domain name awareness combined with sophisticated routing logic so you can define routes to connected networks using domain names.

  • Cyber Shield

    This built-in feature of Cloud Connexa is an easy-to-use, customizable IDS/IPS and Content Filtering feature that protects remote access.

  • Cloud Protection/ZTNA

    Don’t sacrifice safety for the benefits of the Cloud. Create a dedicated worldwide private overlay network, exclusively for your use, with Cloud Connexa.

  • Internet Gateway Selection

    Internet Gateway Selection lets you control which private network acts as an internet gateway for your networks, servers, and devices.

Use Cases

Cloud Connexa delivers the most critical features and functions you need to connect and protect your network.

  • Enforce Zero Trust Network

    Cloud networks and mobile workforces give businesses unmatched speed and flexibility but require layered security.

  • Remote Workforce Access / Security

    Giving remote workers online resources and applications access introduces complex network security issues.

  • Secure IoT / IioT communications

    The Internet of Things now spans nearly every corner of our virtual world, increasing your network's attack surface.

  • Protect Access to SaaS applications

    Secure, private access to online services is critical for businesses of every size.

  • Site-to-site Secure Networking

    A site-to-site network secures your extended enterprise by interconnecting your corporate network and remote offices.

  • Secure Internet Access

    Be confident your employees have secure internet access from wherever they happen to be working.


Our multi-tenant cloud service’s high-performing mesh core network is spread across multiple countries, offering multiple worldwide connection locations. To ensure consistent, exceptional performance all Regions run kernel-optimized software on bare-metal servers.