Economical and flexible pricing with OpenVPN Cloud.

Evaluate OpenVPN Cloud with three free VPN connections. Or you can purchase a subscription to fit your connection needs.

Calculate the cost of your subscription.

Three free, 5 minimum, and any amount between 10 and 2000 for self-service.

The plan calculator requires a modern browser.


Is a subscription free to try with OpenVPN Cloud?

Yes! You can try OpenVPN Cloud for free with three connections. Create an account here.

I need more than 2000 connections. Who should I contact?

We offer custom VPN connections packages of 2000 and above. To discuss your options, please contact us at

Can I purchase between 3 and 10 connections?

Yes. Five VPN connections is the minimum we offer for a paid OpenVPN Cloud subscription plan.

How do I cancel a subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time and unused funds will be credited to your account for future usage. For refunds, contact