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OpenVPN Cyber Shield IDS/IPS and Content Filtering

Shield your organization against cyber threats, at the scale you need, no matter where your team accesses your network. All without compromise.

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CloudConnexa with Cyber Shield, a built-in DNS-based Content Filtering feature, protects against threats without tunneling internet traffic. It doesn’t stop there, though; CloudConnexa with Cyber Shield also helps you establish zero trust network access by defining and enforcing identity-based policies. Then, for added security, it authenticates users and authorizes user access.

A Security Solution That Meets the Needs of Modern Networking

Remote work, global access, and distributed users are the new normal for businesses of all sizes everywhere. Digital transformations, and the move to cloud-based networks, are critical to maintaining remote workforce productivity. Moves to the cloud also call for a network security approach that addresses increasingly sophisticated threats cybercriminals use to attack employees working on unsecured home and public WiFi.

IDS/IPS and Content Filtering — With the Flip of a Switch

Cyber Shield, a built-in feature of CloudConnexa, protects against threats without tunneling internet traffic. Using a VPN is great for encryption, but users can still be exposed to malicious content. And masking IP addresses isn’t sufficient protection against cyber threats. Included with CloudConnexa at no extra cost, Cyber Shield is an easy-to-use, customizable IDS/IPS and Content Filtering that protects remote access with:

Monitor and block using 43 content categories

Accept and Block Lists for customized domain filtering

Traffic Filtering features acts as an IDS and IPS

Intrusion prevention based on threat severity or category

And OpenVPN Cyber Shield isn’t just free — it was created by the most trusted name in security.

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CloudConnexa / CYBER SHIELD

Features and Benefits

Cyber Shield fortifies protection by letting users decide which content to block from a network. And because cyberthreats are continually evolving, it includes easily accessible reporting with insights that make it simple to fine-tune security measures to mitigate threats.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Effective, Efficient Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Activate and automate Traffic Filtering for reliable protection against malware and ransomware, denial of service, phishing, known threats, and vulnerabilities/exploits that may be overlooked by other security layers or solutions, and before it reaches other security controls.

Threat and Content Detection and Blocking

Multi-pronged Threat and Content Detection and Blocking

The Traffic Blocking feature helps users detect and block network threats by category or Threat Level (Levels 1 thru 3).

Admins can use Content Category DNS Blocking to block site domain name resolutions that fall into preset content categories.

pre-emptive DNS Filtering

Customizable, Pre-emptive DNS Filtering

Now with 43 categories, DNS Content Filtering protects users from malicious or undesirable content, even when traffic isn’t tunneled to CloudConnexa.

Admins can also filter domains using a customizable Allowed List and Blocked List based on a company’s unique needs.

DNS Filter and Traffic Reporting and Dashboards

Traffic Reporting offers detailed statistics on traffic threats (malware, intrusion, DOS) as well as the device of origin.

Gain insights from detailed DNS Filter Reporting (exportable to CSV) on observed and blocked domain name queries from users.

Shield and Scale, Anywhere, Without Compromise.

Remote work has many benefits, but it demands a more robust security approach. Protect your network and your team, while ensuring they have the access they need to do their best work. Tap into Cyber Shield today.

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