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DNS Security and Content Filtering for Superior Cyber Threat Protection

Your distributed workforce accesses the internet from personal mobile devices, making internet policy and content enforcement critical to guarding against network breaches.


You need secure internet policies to protect your team against accidental malware downloads and sophisticated phishing attacks. And insufficient DNS (Domain Name System) security leaves you vulnerable to cyberattacks. How can you reduce your attack surface without slowing down performance?

Secure mobile devices
As phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks expand, protecting your organization when employees have unfiltered use of their mobile phones and laptops is critical.
Prevent DNS attacks
The internet’s DNS system exposes dangerous attack vectors bad actors can use to block access or maliciously redirect web requests (e.g., to phishing sites).
Enforce company internet policies
Visiting non-work-related or inappropriate websites can lead to malware threats and excessive corporate bandwidth usage.
Eliminate poor application performance
Tunneling all internet traffic through security devices can create a chokepoint and degrade application performance.

Cloud Connexa for DNS Security and Content Filtering

Your distributed workforce regularly accesses the internet from personal mobile devices and those devices need to be protected 24x7 because they also connect to your corporate applications. Checking personal email and simple web browsing increases the risk of phishing and malware attacks, which makes internet policy and content enforcement critical to ensuring security with all devices accessing your network.

Cyber Shield, a built-in feature of Cloud Connexa, delivers DNS-based content filtering so organizations can avoid malware infections and excessive bandwidth use by controlling employee access to potentially harmful external websites.

CloudConnexa for dns security

Cloud Connexa with Cyber Shield also helps you establish zero trust network access by defining and enforcing identity-based policies and giving you the ability to:

  • Eliminate middleman and other DNS attacks by routing DNS traffic to Cloud Connexa DNS servers through an encrypted tunnel. 3rd-party, client-preferred DNS servers are also supported.
  • Monitor and block domains by category (i.e., Malware, Ransomware, Adult Content, Alcohol/Tobacco/Drugs, Gambling, Hacking and Cracking, P2P, and Proxies) to protect your organization from inappropriate internet content and threats hiding in malicious websites.
  • Customize URL filtering by creating blacklists and whitelists of domain names.
Protection against DNS attacks
Security online without tunneling
Enforcement of internet usage policies
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