You Decide Who Can Access and Use the Company Network and Resources

Control user access at the network level.

Easily set network access control policies to authorize users, groups, and devices.

Not even authenticated users need access to everything on your network. OpenVPN makes it easy to set access control policies that allow essential access – nothing more.


Fortify application access security with network access control

There’s no shortage of ways for unauthorized users to access your apps – low-grade security, poor password hygiene, brute force attacks. Fortunately you can beat bad actors by setting least privilege access to apps using network-level access control.

  • Granular User Control

    Access Server lets you easily add extra access for users with access needs that don’t conform to group-based access control rules.

  • Straightforward Group Control

    Enforce role-based access control by setting up group permissions based on shared characteristics such as departments, locations, seniority levels, and work duties. Additionally, you can map your user groups to attributes that convey these characteristics received from RADIUS, LDAP, and SAML during user authentication.

  • Restrict Protocol and Ports

    You're not limited to access based on IP address subnets. You can specify the allowed protocols with the necessary destination ports for those protocols. With this flexibility, you can pinpoint the exact application you need to grant access to.


With Access Server, you can define access control at the user, group, and global levels. For users, you can configure multiple authentication systems: local, PAM, LDAP, RADIUS, and SAML. The local system allows you to create users and manage their access from the Admin Web UI under User Management.

When you sign into the Admin Web UI, you can navigate to User Permissions and configure access control, including admin rights, TOTP-based MFA, subnet access, IP addressing, and user authentication methods.


You can set up group-level access control by assigning your users to groups. In the Admin Web UI, it's easy to configure that access from the Group Permissions page. You can define group access, including admin rights, TOTP-based MFA, subnet access, and user authentication methods.


We provide an advanced feature for those using RADIUS, LDAP, and SAML external authentication. Access Server includes a programming hook that runs after authentication before creating the VPN tunnel connection. With this hook, you can use a post-auth script to automate mapping groups. We provide example scripts for RADIUS, LDAP, and SAML.


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