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Secure remote access built on the tenets of zero trust. Deliver to your clients with minimal deployment, managed through a single pane of glass. And now with 50% margins for your first 3 customers. Talk to one of our specialists to learn more.

200+ resellers, distributors, and managed service providers in our partner network

Gain an Edge with OpenVPN’s Partner Program.

We invest in your success so both you and your clients benefit.

  • Wholesale Pricing on AWS

    Our partners get wholesale pricing and own customer financial and contractual relationships in AWS Marketplace using Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO).

  • Boost Managed Service Revenue

    Use our innovative products to provide unmatched secure network connectivity for your customers and maximize your earnings.

  • Portfolio Diversification

    Fold our offerings into your business as a reseller, managed service provider, system integrator, or solution provider.

  • Easy Integration

    Integrate our solution into your business applications for seamless secure network connectivity using our API.

  • Channel Partner Management Options

    Channel partners can choose from AWS Marketplace Channel Program for Access Server or Full Management for Cloud and/or Access Server.

  • Custom Plans and Onboarding

    We’ll work with you to customize your OpenVPN partnership and include the training and marketing collateral to drive your business growth.

  • Easy Administration

    Dedicate one CloudConnexa wide-area private cloud (WPC) network to each of your customers and administer their networks for them by just switching the network name in one administration portal.

Featured Partners

  • Partnering with OpenVPN allows JumpCloud customers to enforce secure passwords, add multi-factor authentication, and use the same credentials to secure SaaS applications and control network access.

  • The partnership between OpenVPN and Amazon leverages the power of the cloud to help organizations extend the benefits of their Cloud provider to their VPN Server by using pre-configured solutions for AWS.

  • Scale and differentiate your MSP
    With a flexible pricing model and economics that support your business, turn your networking and security services into a driver of growth that can set you apart from, and ahead of, the competition.
  • Built for the evolving security needs of your customers
    Enterprise-grade solutions built for your customers’ unique security needs. Flexible internet routing, multiple isolated overlay networks, application-based domain routing, cloud protection, and more.
  • Setup and management is simple, while still serving complex use cases
    Quickly integrate our solutions into your applications, while managing all of your customers from one portal. No hardware required means fewer resources required by your customers. All without sacrificing the most complex of your customers’ network needs.
  • Backed by unmatched experience
    With over two decades of experience, it’s no surprise over 20,000 businesses and many of the industry-leading MSPs trust OpenVPN with their customers’ networking and security needs.