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Security Leaders Need More

You’re the first and last line of defense for your organization. Your decisions and actions determine how work gets done securely, across the organization. With virtually every aspect of the business dependent on an increasingly distributed IT/OT infrastructure, you’re trusted to protect the entire organization from any cyber threat with the potential to impact the business severely.

Your job is to ensure every system, application, device, and workforce is adequately secure, wherever they’re connecting from. This includes all Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices connecting to the network.

Your Priorities

  • Securing all networks, systems, applications, devices, and users  
  • Protecting all sensitive data stored across the organization
  • Ensuring production systems are not compromised
  • Managing IT/OT risk and compliance 
  • Supporting and secure all digital transformation initiatives, including cloud migrations

Your Challenges

  • Ensuring remote workers and devices are secure at all times
  • Securing connections to cloud applications
  • Preventing unauthorized access to your company networks
  • Protecting against growing list of cyber threats
  • Securing connected IoT and IIoT devices and production systems
  • Protecting corporate applications and data
  • Managing the complete and complex security stack
  • Overcoming constraints of limited in-house security staff

Secure access and network connectivity reimagined.

Key Features

  • Worldwide meshed private network

    Securely connect all private networks and distributed applications

  • Application domain-based routing

    Zero Trust Access to applications and lateral movement prevention

  • Identity Management

    Single sign-on with support for SAML and LDAP

  • Content filtering and IDS/IPS

    Reduce costs with integrated advanced security features that eliminate the need for additional hardware and software

  • Secure, high performance tunneling

    Tunnel traffic to 3rd-party security gateways and prevent unauthorized access

  • Easy on-demand provisioning

    Reduce demands on overworked IT and networking teams

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