Secure Virtualized Networking for Energy Firms

The energy industry continues to be a primary target for cybercriminals looking to disrupt the supply of power and exploit the insecure of IoT devices.

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Legacy Networking Is Costly & Risky

When the power goes out, the downstream effects can disrupt millions of business and residential customers that rely on it to conduct their daily affairs.

With physical infrastructure extending across a geographically-dispersed supply chain, it’s no wonder energy companies are making a stronger commitment to protect their networks from cyberattacks. The increased use of IoT devices throughout the supply chain now makes network security more important than ever.

From extraction to distribution, every connected device, field worker, and remote employee has now become a bigger target for cybercriminals looking to conduct an attack.

Network Security Challenges for the Energy Industry

  • Securing communications from IoT devices, like smart meters, sensors, and equipment

  • Securing remote access to proprietary corporate data and a growing array of SaaS applications

  • Ensuring secure communication between business partners

  • Securing remote access to 3rd-party field equipment teams

  • Managing traditional networking hardware can be resource intensive, complex, and costly

  • Providing secure point-to-point connections while maintaining scalability and flexibility

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Trusted Leader in Secure Virtualized Networking

Cloud Connexa enables secure and reliable network connectivity across an energy company’s entire energy supply chain, including industrial and residential IoT devices, like smart meters.

As a virtualized network solution, Cloud Connexa consolidates advanced network security, secure remote access, advanced encryption, IP and domain routing, intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS), safe content filtering, and firewall capabilities into an affordable cloud-based service.

This allows your organization to maintain secure communication between your distributed workforce, IoT devices, and the online services they rely on every day.

With so much at stake, don’t let outdated networking technology put your operations or data at risk.
How it works

Addressing Cyber Threats with Cloud-Based Security Solutions

Built on the market-proven OpenVPN encrypted tunneling protocol that boasts over 60 million downloads and over 20,000 customers, this solution is trusted by some of the biggest cloud infrastructure companies.

The Cloud Connexa solution combines advanced network security, encrypted remote access, and content filtering into a virtualized secure network that provides the foundation for evolving security initiatives like zero trust networking.
  • A worldwide meshed private network

    Securely connects all private networks and distributed applications.

  • Application domain-based routing

    Zero Trust Access to applications and prevention of lateral movement.

  • Identity Management

    Single sign-on with identity-based access control.

  • Content filtering and IDS/IPS

    Reduce costs with integrated advanced security features.

  • Secure, high performance tunneling

    Tunnel traffic to 3rd-party security gateways and prevent untrusted access.

  • Easy on-demand provisioning

    Reduce demands on overworked IT and networking staff.

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OpenVPN helps you easily create a secure, virtualized, reliable network that ensures secure communications between your networks, applications, devices, and workforce.