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OpenVPN® Inc. offers two secure networking solutions for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. CloudConnexa™ provides secure communication between an organization’s distributed workforce, IoT/IIoT devices, and the online services they rely on daily, with a secure virtualized network offered as a service. OpenVPN Access Server, our self-hosted solution, simplifies the rapid deployment of a secure remote access solution with a web-based graphic user interface and built-in OpenVPN Connect Client installer. Both products are based on the market-proven OpenVPN protocol and trusted by some of the world’s most renowned brands for their unmatched flexibility, scalability, and ease of use.  MSPs may find CloudConnexa preferable due to simpler access, configuration, and ability to toggle between clients without needing to login to a separate server. Additionally, CloudConnexa users can access our Cyber Shield feature. This built-in feature of CloudConnexa is an easy-to-use, customizable IDS/IPS and Content Filtering feature that protects remote access. You can read more about the differences between Access Server and CloudConnexa on our product comparison page.
OpenVPN is a well-known name in the cyber security space for providing one of the best VPN protocols. The OpenVPN open source project, also called Community Edition (CE), is the open source Virtual Private Network (VPN) project. It creates secure VPN connections over the internet using a custom security protocol that utilizes SSL/TLS. It has emerged to become the de-facto standard in the open source networking space. The project was started by OpenVPN co-founder James Yonan and is published under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It has over 50 million downloads to date and is a community-supported OSS project. OpenVPN Access Server and CloudConnexa are secure remote access solutions designed specifically for businesses, built on the open source project. Access Server and Cloud Connexa come in a single package to simplify the implementation of a VPN remote access solution. These include an economical licensing model based on concurrent connections, are easy to set up and scale, and can be deployed simply on the cloud.  You can read more about OpenVPN’s relationship to the open source community here
The OpenVPN Admin Portal in CloudConnexa is the single pane of glass where you can see and manage all of your customer connections without needing separate login credentials. This user-friendly portal is where you can manage specific content filters, user permissions, internet gateway selection, isolated overlay networks, and more.
There is no restriction on the number of connections or clients you can manage in CloudConnexa or Access Server. Users can establish a cluster of Access servers or deploy several connectors across different regions on CloudConnexa for load balancing and redundancy. Additionally, users can set up multiple WPCs on CloudConnexa. This feature is particularly beneficial for MSPs looking to segregate their clients.
MSPs typically use OpenVPN products to build on their managed cybersecurity services. Contact our partner team to get started. Once you have spoken with a member of our team, you will be sent a series of onboarding emails and other helpful information to get started.
VARs resell our products or may offer them as part of a bigger solution. Contact our partner team to get started. Once you have spoken with a member of our team, you will be sent a series of onboarding emails and other helpful information to get started.
If you’re an MSP using CloudConnexa, you can access the Admin portal through the CloudConnexa platform. In the CloudConnexa Admin portal, you can add, configure, and manage customers. The Admin portal also provides technical support contact options. OpenVPN Access Server offers a similar Admin portal experience, however this will require separate login credentials for each individual customer server.  For more information, schedule a Demo Session. Or visit our YouTube channel.
OpenVPN Cloud Connexa and Access Server are free to install and use for a maximum of three/two simultaneous VPN connections (respectively). You can trial the full feature set without having to pay anything up front. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to test our products in a live environment for your customers. When you’re ready to add more, you can seamlessly transition without having to start fresh.  When you’re ready to connect more users, you can send an email to or open a Sales & Billing Ticket here with the Cloud ID you want to activate, the desired amount of connections, and terms. We’ll send you a quote, and can submit a PO followed by an Invoice for credit card payment or additional payment methods. If you have larger projects that require more than the 2 test connections, we can provide those to your team at your request.
You can find our technical support articles and submit a ticket through our support portal.

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