We Take the Complexity Out of Secure Network Configuration

Configure your Cloud Connexa Wide-area Private Cloud (WPC) for your unique needs — in just minutes.

A Cloud-based Virtual Networking Platform with Unmatched Ease of Use, Usability, and Functionality

Cloud Connexa is designed to deliver ease of use and usability in equal measure. This ensures it’s not just easy to use, but also helps you get up and running, operating your network, and immediately delivering value.


Point-and-Click configuration, filtering, and access control

Cloud Connexa takes the cost and complexity out of secure networking to keep your business operations safe and efficient by routing trusted apps and traffic using an integrated multi-tenant virtual network with critical security functions.

  • No On-Prem Hardware or Server Software

    Reach your Cloud Connexa WPC by connecting to our 30+ worldwide locations, eliminating costly, complex hardware.

  • Network Creation Wizard

    In minutes, our intention-based network configuration wizard uses a logical progression to ensure proper setup, including Connector installation and testing.

  • Fast, Easy Deployment

    Deploy fast using CloudFormation (AWS) or an ARM template (Azure), Linux distributions scripts, VPS provider user data scripts (Digital Ocean, Kamatera), or our detailed router configuration guides.

  • Preset Content Filtering

    Use Domain Filtering Preset Modes — Basic, Safe Browsing, High Productivity — to quickly select which of the 43 content categories need to be blocked based on your security and business needs.

  • Easy-to-Use Access Control

    Create access groups by choosing who gets access to what in a straightforward point-and-click interface without having to deal with complex policy settings and firewall-like rules.

  • Application Domain-based Routing

    Easily route traffic to applications distributed among connected private networks using application domain names, instead of IP addresses, as a route to the network where an application resides.


ZTNA or Zero Trust Network Access is a network security model that operates on 3 core principles:

  • Always verify – Do not assume an entities identity
  • Least privilege – Give access to only the resources the user, device, or application should have
  • Assume breach – A proactive approach to network security that includes reducing the attack surface and isolating potential threats

Cloud Connexa allows Owners and Administrators to:

  • Use SSO Authentication with LDAP, and SAML to connect to their WPC.
  • Limit access to only specific resources by configuring access controls to select User Groups, Networks, or Hosts with Access Groups.
  • Provide access to applications using domain names instead of the network to reduce your attack surface — eliminating lateral movement to other network resources from potential threats.

In Cloud Connexa, an Access Group is a configuration control that specifies the access relationship between Sources (i.e. Who?) and Destinations (i.e. What?). Sources are either the Users belonging to specific User Groups, Networks or Hosts. Destinations can be set to :

  • Services configured under Networks or/and Hosts
  • Full access to specific Networks or/and Hosts
  • Full access to all the User devices

To configure an Access Group, sign in to your Cloud Connexa administration portal CloudConnexa.

Navigate to Access. Click Create Access Group. enter the access group name and description. Select the source and destination mapping, and click Create.

Cloud Connexa creates a virtually dedicated worldwide private network exclusively for your use. This virtual overlay network is called a Wide-area Private Cloud (WPC). The WPC is identified with the Cloud ID. This network is dedicated to connecting your distributed applications, private networks, and users while providing the built-in security services for IDS/IPS, Content filtering, firewall, and access control. See, Wide-area Private Cloud (WPC) | Cloud Connexa.

A Setup wizard is a tool that simplifies a configuration process. Cloud Connexa has three such Setup wizards located within the administration portal:

  • Shield Setup wizard: Located in the Shield module of the administration portal, this tool streamlines the Domain Filtering and Traffic Filtering configuration process by grouping granular configuration details into a high-level, easy-to-use template
  • Network Configuration wizard: Located within the Network module of the administration portal, this template helps guide the user through creating and deploying a Connector to a private network connected to a WPC based on the use case for connecting that network
  • Host Configuration wizard: Located within the Host module of the administration portal, this template helps guide the user through creating and deploying a Host to a private network connected to a WPC

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is a dedicated hosted virtual machine offered as a service to an end user.

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