Wide-area Private Cloud (WPC)

What is it?

OpenVPN Cloud is a secure, reliable, multi-tenant, virtualized network-as-a-service (NaaS) that provides the foundation for evolving security initiatives like ZTNA and SASE. Since it is a multi-tenant service, when you signup for the service, OpenVPN Cloud creates a virtually dedicated worldwide private network exclusively for your use. This virtual network is called a Wide-area Private Cloud (WPC). The WPC is identified with the Cloud ID chosen during the signup process. Note: Once selected the Cloud ID cannot be changed. The WPC is identified by [Cloud ID].openvpn.com

The Owner, Administrators and Users can access their portals by directly going to https://[Cloud ID].openvpn.com This same URL can be used in the Connect Client application to login and get the connection profile to connect to your WPC.

Wide-area: This network has its Points of Presence all over the world and your resources, users, and devices can connect to the WPC wherever internet access is available. Therefore, the scope of the network is wide-area

Private: Even though the public internet is used for connectivity, OpenVPN tunneling and OpenVPN Cloud multi-tenancy creates a private overlay network over the internet that isolates the network and dedicates it to just your traffic

Cloud: This is not a traditional network made up of hardware devices located on your or the provider's premises but is a virtualization service that is provided from the “cloud” using software and cloud-native technologies that are managed and scaled by OpenVPN Inc.