Create Network Using Wizard

The Create Network configuration starts with an intention-based configuration wizard that can be skipped to continue with a form-based Network Configuration as described in Adding a Network

It is recommended that you use the wizard for the following reasons:

  • Configuration steps are tailored based on your intention(s) behind connecting your network to OpenVPN Cloud so that no needed configuration is missed
  • Collection of information and sequencing of actions is done in a logical progression making it easier to understand and get your network connected
  • Connector installation and testing is integrated as one of the steps
  • Additional steps outside of network configuration are also included to ensure proper setup
  1. Navigate to Networks and click on the Create Network button.
  2. The wizard starts by asking you the main reason(s) for connecting the network. Choose ALL the purposes (network scenarios) that apply. For example, Remote Access AND Secure Internet Access.
  3. On clicking Continue, you will see the scenario(s) that you have selected above the wizard steps on the right pane
  4. The wizard steps shown depend on the scenario(s) you had selected and may change based on options you select while proceeding through the steps
  5. Continue following the steps as guided by the wizard

Note that the wizard sets up only one network. For site-to-site scenario, you will need to perform the ‘Create Network’ task once for every site

Network wizard