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Access Server 2.5 versions


Release date: May 8, 2018

  • A problem with VRRP/UCARP LAN-based failover mode in version 2.5 that affected some configurations was resolved.

  • Made switching off that type of failover mode easier and better, solving some problems with disabling it.

  • Updated OpenVPN Connect Client for Windows version to version

  • Updated OpenVPN Connect Client for mac OS version to version

  • OpenVPN Connect Client mbedTLS incompatibility with PKI created by OpenSSL 1.1 fixed.

  • OpenVPN Connect Client support for ECDSA added.

  • Library mbedTLS in OpenVPN Connect Client updated to resolve CVE-2018-0487 vulnerability.

  • Problem with excessively long server DNS host name that caused ‘no VPN servers’ message is resolved.

  • Issue with TLS key refresh causing a connection failure and reconnect in OpenVPN Connect Client is fixed.

  • Fixed and improved client version and platform reporting to server in OpenVPN Connect Client.

  • Fixed launch issue on some older Windows platforms when MS Visual C++ redistributable was not present.


Release date: Feb 1, 2018

  • Implemented an updated engine for rendering the admin web interface, improved the look, and paved the way for modernizing the web interface.

  • The client web interface now defaults to letting users download the required software to their computers instead of using the connect UI by default.

  • The connect UI is now considered to be deprecated and to be removed and replaced with a better solution in future releases.

  • New OpenVPN Connect Client releases are included in this Access Server release.

  • OpenVPN Connect Client for macOS is now properly signed and the issue that existed in the past that prevented this has been resolved.

  • OpenVPN Connect Client for Windows now no longer suffers from the unwanted default route that Windows added when registering the connection.

  • OpenVPN Connect Client for Windows now supports multiple DNS Resolution Zones on Windows client platforms that support NRPT.

  • For new installations, AES-256-CBC is now the new default encryption cipher for VPN tunnel data. Existing installations that are upgraded retain their old cipher.

  • SSLv2 and SSLv3 support, hidden and deprecated as it was, is now completely removed. Web service defaults to TLS 1.1 now.

  • Additional activation servers added for Amazon AWS tiered instances, this allows for tighter security settings on security groups while retaining activation status.

  • Library for mbed TLS is now updated to version 2.6.

  • OpenVPN 2.4 code now merged into Access Server.