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Professional Support for Access Server


What are your support options for OpenVPN and how does support differ from the official commercial server and the open-source OpenVPN programs?

Depending on your situation, one of the following applies to you:

An OpenVPN Inc. product such as Access Server or CloudConnexa

This is paid software but comes with limited free connections, so you can try out the product without committing to a purchase. For more connections, you can purchase a subscription. We provide support for these products through our support ticket system and community forums.

Open-source community OpenVPN setup on your own hardware

This is free-to-use software and provides the basic functionality to establish secure VPN tunnels. Setup and configuration of this require technical knowledge and effort on the part of the administrator to run and maintain this. You can find support for the open-source software on the community forums, and there is no official paid support for this.

A device or program that comes with integrated OpenVPN

Other VPN developers and providers can integrate the open-source community OpenVPN software with a device or program that you obtain. In this case, support for OpenVPN is the responsibility of the device manufacturer or software developer. You may also try the community forums.