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Tutorial: Connect to Access Server on Windows with OpenVPN Connect


Follow this guide to download and install OpenVPN Connect with a connection profile for Access Server on Windows.


This tutorial is for Windows users who want to connect to Access Server with the official OpenVPN Connect app. We'll walk you through obtaining OpenVPN Connect from your Access Server's Client Web UI and installing it on your Windows device.

Ensure you have the following:

  1. Valid credentials (username and password) for Access Server.

  2. Windows running a supported operating system.


If you don't have Access Server credentials, contact your server administrator for help. OpenVPN, Inc. can't provide you with this information since we don't manage our customers' Access Servers.

If you're an Access Server administrator, you can create new user accounts in the Admin Web UI and use those to obtain and install OpenVPN Connect on macOS.

  1. Sign in to the Client Web UI.


    You can find the Client Web UI at the Access Server hostname (recommended) or the server's public IP address (if a hostname isn't set up). Example: OR

  2. Enter your username and password.

  3. Click Sign In.

  4. Click the Windows icon to begin the download.

  1. When the download completes, open it.

  2. Click through the installation windows.

  3. Agree to the software license agreement.

  4. When prompted, click Yes to approve the privilege escalation request.

  5. Once the installation succeeds, click Close to end the installation process.

  1. Click to display hidden icons on the Windows Taskbar.

  2. Click the OpenVPN Connect icon.

    • OpenVPN Connect is installed with a connection profile for your user, configured for Access Server.

  3. Click on the profile to connect.