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Tutorial: Set Up Group Dynamic IP Address Assignments


Set up a dynamic subnet using a group IP address network, and Access Server can assign IP addresses to users assigned to the group.


This tutorial shows how to set up dynamic IP address assignments using Access Server groups.

You could use dynamic address assignment to specify a range of IP addresses in a subnet for users assigned to Group 1 while assigning static IP addresses from the same subnet to users in Group 1. You could also define the subnet range to dynamically use all available IP addresses in the subnet.

Refer to this separate tutorial, If you're looking to set up static IP address assignments using Access Server groups.


In our documentation, we use example IPv4 addresses and subnets reserved for documentation, such as,, and

Ensure you replace them with valid IPv4 addresses and subnets for your network(s).

  1. Sign in to the Admin Web UI.

  2. Click User Management > Group Permission.

  3. Additional group settings display.

  4. Enter your subnet range in the field, Dynamic subnet ranges for this gorup (optional).

  5. Enter the subnet for the static IP address network in Subnets assigned to this group (optional) under VPN IP Addresses.



If helpful, you can refer to our subnet mask cheat sheet.

  1. Click the Group drop-down for the user.

  2. Select the group from step 1.