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Tutorial: Upgrade the OpenVPN DCO module


Follow these steps to upgrade OpenVPN DCO on Access Server. Keep the data channel offload module current.


This quick tutorial steps you through upgrading the OpenVPN DCO module installed on your Access Server.


Step 1: Run these commands to upgrade the DCO module

  1. Connect to your console with root privileges.

  2. Run your OS update/upgrade commands (Ubuntu shown):

    apt update
    apt upgrade
    • The OpenVPN DCO module should be updated.

  3. Reboot your OS:


Optional step 1: Upgrade DCO without rebooting your server


This step is optional for those who don't want to reboot the server (or can't).

Run these commands to stop the Access Server, remove the previous OpenVPN DCO module, load the new module, and restart the Access Server service:

service openvpnas stop
modprobe -r ovpn_dco_v2
modprobe ovpn_dco_v2
service openvpnas start