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OpenVPN® Unveils Partner Program for MSPs

CloudConnexa Gives MSPs an Edge Over Competitors

PLEASANTON, Calif. — November 9, 2022 OpenVPN, Inc., a leading global private networking security and cybersecurity company, recently upgraded the popular CloudConnexa solution to allow for a single account to manage multiple wide-area private clouds. This solution was created with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in mind and allows them to continue to deliver unparalleled secure network connectivity to all their customers with much higher ease of use. 

CloudConnexa Upgrade: Empowering MSPs with Centralized Management

Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly concerned about cyberattacks and network security. According to a recent report sponsored by ConnectWise, “73% of SMB respondents agree that their organization has reached a tipping point where cybersecurity concerns demand action.” But that same report also found that “67% of respondents admit that their organization does not have the skills in-house to properly deal with security issues.”

Organizations of all sizes look to MSPs to help their businesses run safely. Still, competition among MSPs is fierce, and their customers expect the very best — or they’re likely to change providers. Now, MSPs supporting their customers with CloudConnexa have an edge over their competitors: they can manage multiple end customers from one administration portal. In other words, MSPs now have a centralized place to manage all their end customers — whether that’s just a few, or a few thousand.

MSPs now have a centralized place to manage all their end customers — whether that’s just a few, or a few thousand.

“We design our products to be powerful and flexible at the same time,” says Kyryl Tumanov, Director of Product Management at OpenVPN. “Supporting multiple Wide-area Private Clouds is a crucial feature for our MSPs. With this feature, MSPs can scale their business without introducing extra complexity in managing their end customers.”

For more information about how OpenVPN is partnering with MSPs, see our latest blog post.

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Unlike older approaches that require a mixed bag of networking and security products, the CloudConnexa solution consists of a simplified, cloud-delivered service for a fraction of the cost. And if you prefer a self-hosted solution, Access Server gives you complete control over the solution’s deployment, configuration, and management. 

With more than 60 million downloads of our core open source software and over 20,000 commercial customers, OpenVPN is recognized as a global leader in secure networking.

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