OpenVPN Inc. Promotes "Operation Information Freedom"

Freedom to access and share information, especially within nations with authoritarian regimes, is at the heart of the company’s offer for free, secure access to Internet resources.

The following press release was released via on March 7th, 2022:

News Summary

Pleasanton, CA, March 7, 2022 — OpenVPN, Inc., a leading global private networking security and cybersecurity company, announced today that it is providing free, secure access to the internet as part of its “Operation Information Freedom'' initiative. This initiative is especially intended for journalists, reporters, activists, and citizens located within the borders of oppressive nations that either want to report on, or read about, the state of events without being discovered, identified, restricted, or outright prevented from connecting to sources of information outside of their location. Information on the ongoing actions of the Russian military and oligarchs in Ukraine is being restricted from the general Russian population — that’s where the Operation Information Freedom initiative comes into play.

OpenVPN CEO Speaks Out About Freedom of Information

“This initiative is very personal to me,” says OpenVPN CEO and Co-Founder Francis Dinha. “I grew up under the regime of Saddam Hussein. I had family members who were executed. I watched hangings in the street for those who criticized the government. We cannot allow these oppressive governments to censor the work of journalists and activists; we cannot allow them to block the rights of their citizens to access information on the internet. That cannot stand. This is why we’ve launched Operation Information Freedom — to help those in Russia and other oppressive countries who need this access, now. 

We cannot allow these oppressive governments to censor the work of journalists and activists.

- Francis Dinha, CEO & Co-Founder, OpenVPN Inc.

"These oppressive regimes will do whatever they can to keep their actions — war, human rights violations, genocide — secret from their citizens,” Dinha continues. “We hope they fail, as the courageous protests in Russia have shown, but at OpenVPN, we are going to do more than hope. The people have a right to know what their government officials are doing in their name. They have a right to access the same information any other global citizen can access. They have a right to free and secure internet."

OpenVPN Contributes to Freedom of Information

OpenVPN stands for freedom of information and is against internet censorship for all reporters, journalists, bloggers, activists, and citizens that are located in oppressive, totalitarian regimes such as Russia. If you live or work in a country that is controlling your right to access information, please send an email requesting the use of OpenVPN security technology to retain or regain freedom of information. 

To access Operation Information Freedom, contact OpenVPN at and provide background information about your situation.

About OpenVPN, Inc.

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