OpenVPN CEO Francis Dinha Says "OpenVPN Stands With Ukraine"

A message from the CEO and Co-Founder of OpenVPN, Francis Dinha:

First, I want to say how awed I am by the incredible bravery the Ukrainian people have shown during this trying time. Your courage and resolution is truly an inspiration to us all. I want you to know that our team at OpenVPN stands united with you. A significant portion of our OpenVPN team lives and works in Ukraine, and we are committed to doing everything possible to support them. 

As I’ve watched these terrible events unfold, I want you to know that I personally feel your pain and suffering. In my life, I have experienced the horrors of war in my own village, located in northern Iraq, when I was just six years old. The bombs destroyed my home, I lost my cousins, and we had to seek shelter in caves in the mountains of northern Iraq. Eventually, my family and I managed to flee to Baghdad, but the suffering didn’t end there. My family and I lived there under the brutal regimes of Iraq for sixteen years during which three more of my cousins were executed. My family and I eventually fled to Sweden and applied for political asylum for a better life, and for the freedom that we so often take for granted. 

Needless to say, the cause for freedom is deeply personal to me. I want our team and the world to know that I stand with Ukraine and that OpenVPN stands with Ukraine. OpenVPN will support our Ukrainian team, and the courageous citizens of Ukraine in any way we can. 

OpenVPN will support our Ukrainian team, and the courageous citizens of Ukraine, in any way we can.

- OpenVPN CEO Francis Dinha

To all of our OpenVPN customers, be advised that we have revised our customer policy, and we reserve the right to discontinue service to any company or entity who supports this egregious act of war against Ukraine. OpenVPN will do everything we can, as a company, to support the sanctions being placed on Russia. Therefore, if we see a company who still has a supporting relationship with Russia, we reserve the right to discontinue any service or access to our software. In fact, we have already taken action to terminate our business relationship with several Russian companies. Of course, this will not apply to activists and journalists in Russia who are not associated with the state media; we fully support their anti-war efforts and commend them for their bravery.

We want to inform anyone that is on the ground or in an area of high risk who might be in need of secure internet access: OpenVPN has set up a free secure connection to the internet through CloudConnexa, which includes access to major social media platforms and news channels. To request access, please email us at: OpenVPN has staff standing by to help you. 

Finally, we have been shocked to learn that some companies are letting go of their Ukrainian-based staff at this time. OpenVPN stands in support and solidarity with our team, and will continue to do so. What’s more, we recognize the incredible value they add to our work, and welcome anyone who has been let go in this way to apply for any of our open roles if and when they feel comfortable doing so; we would be honored to have you come work with us. 

OpenVPN condemns this horrific act of invasion by Russia and we urge Russia to leave Ukraine, pull back, and end this conflict peaceably. We commend the Ukrainian people for their courage, and we commit to supporting our team on the ground today, tomorrow, and always. 

Long live Ukraine.

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