Introducing Cyber Shield: Built-in Content Filtering for CloudConnexa

PLEASANTON, CALIF. – April 8, 2021 – Robust content filtering is now possible with Cyber Shield, a free add-on of CloudConnexa. The OpenVPN team released Cyber Shield, which provides our OpenVPN-as-a-Service tenants with a powerful way to block access to malicious websites using DNS-based content filtering. 

"With Cyber Shield domain filtering, users are now able to monitor and block specific domain content categories to protect against unwanted threats and content," says Kyryl Tumanov, the CloudConnexa Product Manager. "With the global shift to remote working, this feature is so important for businesses and security-minded people. It further strengthens CloudConnexa, which has always protected DNS requests."

Cyber Shield provides Domain Name System (DNS) based content filtering to protect VPN users from malicious and unwanted websites — even if the VPN is not transporting their internet traffic. When CloudConnexa tenants turn on Cyber Shield, it adds:

  • Protection against DNS attacks
  • Security from malicious websites
  • Blocking for websites hosting unwanted content  

Cyber Shield has a large database that categorizes domain names into eight main categories, including malware, adult content, gambling, and more. Cyber Shield checks whether the domain name of the website being accessed by the user falls into one of these content categories and records the activity. If configured to do so, Cyber Shield will block access to that website based on the content category.

Cyber Shield also provides you with valuable insights with reporting — giving businesses data on blocked and monitored domains by category. With the release of Cyber Shield, complementing the recent release of domain routing, CloudConnexa continues to strengthen its security offering for all cloud tenants. A new CloudConnexa account comes with three free concurrent connections.

“The Cyber Shield release is a big step forward for CloudConnexa. This is a very exciting release, with many puzzles solved thanks to the team’s dedication and effort. We have more features planned on our product roadmap that we will implement this year,” says Yuriy Chapran, OpenVPN’s Cyber Shield Product Manager.


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