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CloudConnexa Customer Success Story: Knight Capital

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Does your business need a fast, reliable secure access solution for your remote employees? Look no further than CloudConnexa. To illustrate how CloudConnexa helps real-world businesses like yours, we’re sharing customer success stories like this one from Knight Capital. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Knight Capital describes itself as “a strategic investor in software companies in North West Europe. Founded by former entrepreneurs, we partner with founders to grow their businesses to a meaningful size and exit within 4-6 years. We focus on companies in niche markets that build great products loved by their customers.”

We caught up with Zach Belhadri, Infrastructure Manager at Knight Capital, to learn about his experience with CloudConnexa.  

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Connecting with Zach Belhadri

According to Belhadri, CloudConnexa provides secure access for Knight Capital’s remote employees to their corporate and cloud resources.

Prior to using CloudConnexa, Knight Capital used a Barracuda VPN solution.

According to Belhadri, the transition from Barracuda to CloudConnexa was a very positive one. “It was awesome! Support always replies on time to all our requests and always provides a timely solution,” says Belhadri.

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When asked what the best feature of CloudConnexa is, Belhadri isn’t able to name just one. He says he appreciates the Host and Connector configurations, and how CloudConnexa allows Knight Capital’s servers to connect directly to the WPC. He also mentions the benefits of Cyber Shield and its effectiveness at “preventing malware, phishing, and other threats by restricting access to only authorized and trusted internet destinations.”

When asked if CloudConnexa has made his life easier, Belhadri’s response is a resounding yes. “It is an awesome product with huge potential,” he says. “It is fast, reliable, and very clean.” And he especially appreciates the user-friendly UI.

"CloudConnexa is an awesome product with huge potential... It is fast, reliable, and very clean.”

Zach Belhadri, Infrastructure Manager, Knight Capital

CloudConnexa is so easy to use, in fact, that when we asked Belhadri if he would recommend CloudConnexa to another company, this was his answer: “Absolutely. You can spin up VPNs with a few clicks, select regions, and connect your whole infrastructure with basic networking skills.”

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