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CloudConnexa Customer Success Story: Santa Cruz Nutritionals

Curious to know whether CloudConnexa might be the right solution for your organization? To give you an idea of how this exact solution is helping real-world businesses like yours, we’re sharing customer testimonials like this one from Santa Cruz Nutritionals.

Founded in 1968, Santa Cruz Nutritionals is the leading North American contract manufacturer of gummy vitamins and supplements, including children's vitamins, calcium, fiber, and more. 

We caught up with Marc Edwards, a Senior Network Engineer with Santa Cruz Nutritionals, to learn about his experience with CloudConnexa.  

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Connecting with Marc Edwards

Santa Cruz Nutritionals uses CloudConnexa for site-to-site, remote access, site-to-cloud, and limiting contractor access for functional purposes. 

Prior to using CloudConnexa, Santa Cruz Nutritionals used a combination of client malware protection and a cloud proxy for its cybersecurity needs and an on-premises solution provided by a major vendor for its connectivity needs. According to Edwards, the transition to CloudConnexa has been a very positive one. “CloudConnexa is simpler to deploy and highly reliable while also being both more scalable and affordable. The encrypted DNS and security features shield the organization from common cyber threats. All these features are well-bundled and easily managed from a central portal. Scaling is as easy as sliding a bar up or down. CloudConnexa is a world-class solution for the startup and enterprise alike.”

"Scaling is as easy as sliding a bar up or down."

Marc Edwards, Senior Network Engineer, Santa Cruz Nutritionals

As for favorite features, Edwards especially appreciates the Ubiquiti integration. And he says that the group and location-based access policy provided a contextual SASE solution that was valuable to his company’s unique situation.

“CloudConnexa has definitely made my life easier. The centralized policy and access control are extremely helpful. And there’s no premise equipment.”

Not only is Edwards very happy with the CloudConnexa service and features, he says the onboarding process was great. “There was no pressure from sales, and we had immediate access to knowledgeable support staff.” When asked how he’d describe his experience with our customer service team, Edwards sums it up in two words: “World Class.”

"CloudConnexa is a world-class solution for the startup and enterprise alike."

Marc Edwards, Senior Network Engineer, Santa Cruz Nutritionals

When we asked Edwards whether he would recommend CloudConnexa to another company, he offered a ringing endorsement: “I would recommend other companies consider CloudConnexa for their use case. The combination of simplicity, scalability, and price is unbeatable.”

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