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Revolutionizing Secure Resource Sharing with CloudConnexa™ AppHub

Looking for a way to share resources and applications securely, privately, and efficiently with other CloudConnexa users? Our exciting AppHub feature enables exactly that. 

With CloudConnexa AppHub, companies can now share private services and applications with each other, creating a secure extranet. The feature also enables organizations with multiple cloud networks (known to CloudConnexa users as wide-area private clouds, or WPCs) to share common services among those WPCs

This feature was developed with the needs of modern businesses in mind, providing a range of benefits and use cases. SaaS providers can now offer secure, private services to their customers, while companies can share secure internal services with temporary contractors. Across the board, this will make Zero trust security practices simpler than ever to implement.

“CloudConnexa AppHub is a game-changer for businesses looking to securely share resources and applications,” said Francis Dinha, CEO of OpenVPN. “With this feature, our customers can collaborate and share information securely and privately, without sacrificing ease-of-use or accessibility.”

CloudConnexa AppHub is available now for all CloudConnexa customers. Experience the future of secure resource sharing today. 

For more information, check out our owner guide to AppHup here.

About OpenVPN

Ready to take your business to the next level with CloudConnexa? Work from anywhere and from any device with confidence. And unlike older approaches that require a mixed bag of networking and security products, the CloudConnexa solution consists of a simplified, cloud-delivered service for a fraction of the cost. Create an account today for three free connections and the secure network connectivity your business needs.

With more than 60 million downloads of our core open source software and over 20,000 commercial customers, OpenVPN is recognized as a global leader in secure networking.

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