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a more secure way of delivering our software with Access Server 2.7.5

PLEASANTON, CALIF.– Oct 1st 2019 – OpenVPN is adding a new update to its enterprise VPN product, Access Server, making the upgrade process for customers easier than ever. The 2.7.5 update now allows customers to install Access Server software packages and the related Connect Client software through an official software repository.

Access Server 2.7.5 virtual appliances for VMware ESXi and HyperV, and images on various IaaS Cloud marketplaces will continue to be available, and they will come with the Access Server repository already configured in those appliances and images.

"OpenVPN's focus is always on product and process improvement as well as innovation," says Johan Draaisma, OpenVPN Access Server Project Manager. "We knew there was a better way to distribute Access Server and the bundled Connect client software, so we made that possible. Our new software repository provides a better installation and upgrade experience for our customers, as well as provide better security since packages are digitally signed and checked automatically. It also makes it possible for us to deliver updates for the bundled Connect client software separately from the OpenVPN Access Server program."

OpenVPN’s software repository provides for a standardized and reliable method of delivering new versions of Access Server and upgrades to existing deployments.

AS 2.7.5 also includes:

More secure, industry standard delivery. A software repository is the default method to deliver packages and security updates to existing software packages on your Linux operating system. The Access Server repository utilizes that same standardized method of updates. Packages are signed and checked with a digital signature that’s retrieved and installed over a secure HTTPS SSL connection.

Easier upgrades. You no longer have to download packages separately and then install. With the repository, you can use your operating system’s package manager to check for, retrieve, and install the latest Access Server versions. No need to track the latest version - the repository knows.

Added flexibility. If you want to continue with a certain version of Access Server, no problem. You can pin a package to a specific version with apt-mark. If you want upgrades to happen automatically, that’s fine too. You can run a scheduled task to upgrade your system automatically.

Change password function. The new version now allows users to change their own password in LOCAL authentication mode, if this option is enabled by the administrator. This feature request from our customers has now been implemented.

Improved VPN user experience. We have worked hard on creating a new client program for Windows and macOS and have bundled a stable beta version of this in Access Server 2.7.5. The new client for Windows and macOS can be downloaded from the Access server's client web interface, or from our website. The old v2 client is also still present and you can choose to offer one or the other or both, the admin can configure this on the admin web interface of the Access Server.

Our new v3 beta clients. To learn more about the new client software for macOS and Windows and review the release notes, see our website for more details:

  • OpenVPN Connect for Mac OS

    OpenVPN Connect v3 for macOS (beta)

  • OpenVPN Connect for Windows

    OpenVPN Connect v3 for Windows (beta)

  • OpenVPN Connect for iOS

    OpenVPN Connect v3 for iOS (beta)

The release notes for AS 2.7.5 are available here.

“Our beta program allows users to try out our latest software updates and fixes. We pride ourselves on listening to the users in our community and our customer base, and implementing their feedback to ensure that the programs we make are the best in the market and function as expected,” says Draaisma.

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