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NetworkinGuys Leverages OpenVPN Access Server for Secure and Scalable Client Connectivity

In today's digital landscape, security threats are ever-evolving, and remote work is increasingly the norm. 80% of the MSPs OpenVPN recently surveyed said they expect a full 80% of their clients to have a hybrid remote work policy, with some work time spent outside the office. Every remote ‘office’ is an opportunity for attack without the right protections in place; businesses need reliable partners to ensure the safety and accessibility of their digital assets. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), managed service providers (MSPs) like NetworkinGuys play a crucial role in safeguarding their IT infrastructure and fostering business continuity.

Founded in 2003, NetworkinGuys has carved a unique niche for itself by defying the conventional fixed-fee model prevalent in the MSP industry. Instead, they prioritize transparency and trust by offering time and materials-based IT support, a model that aligns their success directly with their clients' satisfaction. As Joe Kerrigan, CEO of NetworkinGuys, explains:

Joe Kerrigan, CEO of NetworkinGuys

“We do operate very differently than our competitors. We have no contracts, no financial commitment from our clients to work with us tomorrow — everything we do is time and materials. But we do think like a managed service provider, so we think very long-term. We provide a help desk, we do project management, and we do coaching and consultation. We're the chief technology officer for our clients. So we feel like we have a very long-term view and ownership over the technology for our clients.”

This commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond mere service delivery. NetworkinGuys prioritizes technology that enables secure and reliable remote access, empowering their clients to collaborate and access their networks seamlessly from anywhere. This is where OpenVPN Access Server comes into play.

OpenVPN Access Server: A Cornerstone of Reliable Remote Access

For many years, NetworkinGuys faced the challenges of traditional client VPN solutions that were unreliable; they failed on NetworkinGuys clients when they needed them most. These solutions often suffered from connectivity issues, limited scalability, and complex user management, making them cumbersome to use and simply not as effective for their diverse client base. For a company that runs on supporting security needs of their customers, this kind of clunky architecture made growth challenging and risked churn. 

They knew they needed something different — something better. Something that worked effectively and was intuitive to use for their clients. 

“The underlying technology with OpenVPN's structure is able to sustain a connection much longer than the other products that we had been experimenting with in the past,” says Kerrigan. “Whoever developed the underlying code for OpenVPN seems to have done a really good job.”

"The bottom line is, we get fewer calls. That's what we care about."

Joe Kerrigan, NetworkinGuys CEO

OpenVPN products are all built on the open-source, openvpn protocol, a protocol that’s been reviewed and audited by multiple third parties. Open-source software has been shown to be more well-maintained and more secure than privately developed software overall, so it’s no surprise that Kerrigan notices a stark difference. 

“Your product works," says Kerrigan. "The bottom line is we get fewer calls. That's what we care about.”

Access Server's self-hosted nature and user-friendly interface provided the flexibility and control NetworkinGuys needed to effectively manage their clients' remote access. This translated into:

  • Simplified user management: Streamlined onboarding and offboarding with efficient user access controls.
  • Enhanced security: Multi-factor authentication and robust encryption for superior network protection.
  • Seamless scalability: Adaptable platform architecture to accommodate the evolving needs of growing businesses.
  • Reduced support calls: Intuitive interface and stable platform minimized technical issues and support requests.

Empowering Clients with Transparency and Control

NetworkinGuys' unique time-and-materials billing model fosters a sense of partnership and accountability. By avoiding fixed-fee contracts, they ensure clients only pay for the services they utilize, leading to a more transparent and collaborative relationship.

"OpenVPN allows us to present a product that's flexible, but that still actually works very well."

Access Server further amplifies this transparency. What’s more, the flexibility of Access Server allows clients to scale up or down as needed — without risking an overcommitment. 

“OpenVPN allows us to present a product that’s flexible," says Kerrigan, "but that still actually works very well.”

Scaling for the Future: Access Server as a Growth Engine

The ability to adapt and scale their services to meet the evolving needs of their clients is a key differentiator for NetworkinGuys. This is particularly crucial in today's dynamic business environment where technological advancements occur at an unprecedented pace. For NetworkinGuys, the flexibility of Access Server’s license system made their customer relationship management easier than ever.

“One of the components that worked for us [was that] we were able to assign licenses to each of our clients and not have it all bundled in this big managed service environment,” explains Kerrigan. “That was one of the things that we liked when we started experimenting with OpenVPN.”

Access Server's modular design and flexibility allowed NetworkinGuys to seamlessly integrate it into existing client infrastructure, regardless of size or complexity. In fact, when a local competitor went out of business, it was Access Server’s flexibility that allowed NetworkinGuys to take on a huge influx of clients in very little time. 

For NetworkinGuys, the flexibility of Access Server's license system made their customer relationship management easier than ever.

“We actually had a situation last April where a local competitor suddenly went out of business, and it happened overnight,” explains Kerrigan. “Their customers started calling us the very next day; they needed immediate solutions across the board, including new VPN solutions. With help from our OpenVPN rep, we were able to spin up a bunch of servers for these new clients, get them going, get them to the state of operation.

“Given all the other issues at hand, we had to create 12 OpenVPN servers within days. And the way your product's structured, it allowed us to do that very quickly.”

Building Trust and Driving Success: A Winning Formula

In an industry often riddled with complex pricing structures and hidden fees, NetworkinGuys stands out with its commitment to transparency and trust. This unwavering focus on client satisfaction and delivering tangible value has earned them the loyalty of their clients and solidified their position as a trusted technology partner.

Access Server has become a symbol of this commitment. Its intuitive interface and self-hosted nature empower clients with greater control and visibility over their remote access infrastructure, further strengthening the bond between NetworkinGuys and its clients. Because they are so hands-on, they see every problem their customers face. 

“I mean, we'll get tech calls. ‘Hey, my VPN's not connecting!’ But it's not because of the VPN — it's because their internet is suffering, or maybe where the server is that internet server is suffering. And that's usually an intermittent issue.

“If anything, the OpenVPN process seems to survive that better than the products that we used to struggle with. That was really the biggest thing that brought us to OpenVPN.”

By leveraging Access Server and prioritizing client satisfaction, NetworkinGuys is well-positioned to continue its success in the years to come. Their commitment to innovation and transparency will undoubtedly lead them to new heights and empower their clients to embrace the future of secure and connected collaboration.

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