Announcing New Support For Businesses In Ukraine

OpenVPN Now Offering One Year Free, Secure Virtual Networking To Ukrainian Businesses and Non-Profits Supporting Ukraine Aid

In our continual efforts to support those under attack in Ukraine, OpenVPN®, Inc. is announcing today that we will offer one free year on OpenVPN® Cloud, up to a maximum of 50 connected devices, for any business based in Ukraine, or any non-profit organization doing work to support Ukraine directly. 

“CloudConnexa is a practical, powerful tool to support the businesses and organizations helping Ukraine; it’s remote, managed in the cloud, and can provide the security and connection these companies need to do their important work. We see this as another opportunity to support Ukraine as they face continued, unprovoked attacks; we stand with Ukraine and hope this conflict ends as soon as possible.” - Francis Dinha, CEO and Co-Founder, OpenVPN Inc.

"We stand with Ukraine and hope this conflict ends as soon as possible."

Francis Dinha, CEO and Co-Founder, OpenVPN Inc.

For any business or organization that would like to take advantage of this, begin by creating your free CloudConnexa account here. Remember, all CloudConnexa users automatically get 3 free connections, so you can start connecting right away. If you don’t need more than 3 connections, then this is your best option.

For eligible businesses and organizations in need of more than 3 connections, email to request this free upgrade. Let us know how many connections you’ll need (up to a maximum of 50), as well as the email you used to create your CloudConnexa account (this should be a work email). Someone from our team will respond as soon as possible to verify your eligibility and help you get started. 

We stand with Ukraine.

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