OpenVPN named a 2019 Spring Leader for best Virtual Private Network (VPN) software by G2

This year, OpenVPN celebrates ten years since our first sale of OpenVPN Access Server. A decade in tech is a long time. Many software platforms and companies don’t survive that long — let alone thrive for that long. Being named G2’s 2019 Spring Leader for best VPN software based on user VPN reviews created a lot of excitement for our team.

OpenVPN g2Crowd award statement

We strive to be the best and stand out in a crowded VPN marketplace. Earning that top spot from verified users gave us validation that our continued diligence to provide secure connections to the free world makes a difference.

Validated users of OpenVPN gave us this recognition by scoring their satisfaction. Here’s information about G2 and how their scoring works.

G2 aggregates user reviews for business software and services. Think of it like Yelp for tech such as ERP, CRM, E-commerce, VPN solutions. G2 created a unique algorithm for its scoring methodologies. It calculates customer satisfaction and market presence by including the following:

  • Number of reviews
  • Quality of reviews
  • Age of reviews
  • Overall customer satisfaction
  • Web and social presence
  • Growth

G2 validates each user posting a review through their LinkedIn accounts and requests screenshots of the product. In addition to this, they also filter out a user reviewing a product or service from the company they work for, and a user reviewing a product of a direct competitor. G2’s process censors out fake reviews and fosters honest ratings.

Finding a trusted VPN Review for your business software

G2’s ability to leverage the experiences and reviews of real customers can help you find the business software that fits your needs. You could use it to objectively assess your vendor choices.

For example, if you’ve solicited Request for Proposals (RFPs) to find business software, you know how time-consuming it can be to come up with the best vendors to choose from and then go through their responses. Having access to the validated reviews on G2 could help you with software purchase decisions.

Valuing honest feedback from VPN Reviews

G2 provides a lot of value for individuals and organizations looking for business software and services, and gives us another avenue for receiving customer feedback. These VPN reviews give us insight into what we’re doing well and where we can improve. Below are the most-loved and the most-requested features, based off of the most recent customer reviews. All of this helps us continue to build VPN products used every day, with over 50 million downloads since inception.

Most-loved features:

  1. The user interface: simple management, fast setup, and full of rich features
  2. The community: built on open source code and still actively involved with the open source community
  3. Breadth of deployment solutions: Amazon Web Services VPC, Virtual Appliances, Linux software packages, Google Cloud VPC, Microsoft Azure, and client compatibility for Linux, Windows, Mac, and more.
  4. User Security: supports two-factor authentication via Google authenticator, interfacing with AWS active directory, PAM, RADIUS, LDAP, and partnered with JumpCloud. Support for stronger user security including two-factor authentication via Google authenticator, easy connection to AWS active directory, support for PAM, RADIUS, and LDAP; and our partnership with JumpCloud; tie security permissions with specific active directory groups
  5. Layered Security: The OpenVPN protocol is the most secure VPN and the defacto standard
  6. Cybersecurity: protects server against DoS attacks, prevents foreign data injection on a virtual network, provides granular network access for remote workers
  7. Affordability: inexpensive to get started and easy to scale, nonprofit and educational pricing available
  8. Site-to-site VPN routing: connects two (or more) networks together with fairly simple implementation

Most-requested features:

  1. Better management of licenses
  2. Creating VPN server with no IT experience is difficult
  3. Cloud environment licensing
  4. Confusing website layout
  5. Not all configurations can be done in admin UI that can be done with command line interface

Receiving honest evaluations, especially about requested features, gives the OpenVPN team important feedback. Our focus has always been on helping our community secure their privacy. Our goal is to provide a VPN that meets and exceeds user expectations.
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