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How to authenticate users with Active Directory

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Login to OpenVPN Access Server Admin UI

Click on the LDAP link under Authentication menu, then click Use LDAP to switch Access Server to LDAP Authentication

Enter your LDAP Servers hostname/ip address in Primary Server field
You can also enter a secondary server if you have a secondary server

(Note: is just an example server, you will need to replace that with your own server information)

Please refer the above image

1) Select “Use these credentials:"

2) Bind DN: This will be the account that has admin rights to your ldap/active directory server

3) Password for the admin user

4) Base DN for User Entries: where user information is stored in the case above we have used an active directory server on the domain documents with a host name


Once you complete the settings above click “Save Settings"

Click “Update Running Server" so the settings can take effect

You now have OpenVPN Access Server configured to use LDAP.