OpenVPN Connect 3.4.0 for Android is Now Available With Updates to Core Libraries

Enjoy Enhanced Security With OpenSSL, Plus Three Security Levels

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At OpenVPN, we strive to continually improve and enhance our products. We’re pleased to introduce the new OpenVPN Connect version 3.4.0 for Android. This release includes major updates of OpenVPN and OpenSSL libraries, three new levels of security for increased user flexibility, and more.

What is OpenVPN Connect 3.4.0 for Android?

The OpenVPN 3 version 3.8 library is the most recent version of OpenVPN 3, the core VPN protocol used to set up and transport data in the VPN tunnel. This update includes several bug fixes for an improved user experience.

OpenVPN Connect relies on OpenSSL to create secure connections. OpenSSL 3.0 is the latest major version of OpenSSL. It is essential to keep the key security components up to date, and this update does exactly that with the OpenSSL toolkit.

Good to Know: Because the OpenSSL 3.0 library has disabled deprecated ciphers like the BF-CBC cipher (among others),  we recommend that Access Server users operating older installations that rely on the BF-CBC cipher upgrade both server and client software. CloudConnexa service is unaffected.

While we always encourage use of the latest secure technologies, we understand that some of our customers require additional time to migrate their deployments. While the insecure ciphers have been disabled by default, we have introduced a “Security Level” setting to help facilitate continued use of OpenVPN Connect during the migration period. This setting enables use of "legacy" or "insecure" ciphers in the app.

For the latest updates on OpenVPN Connect for Android, take a look at our release notes here.

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Why does the OpenVPN Connect 3.4.0 for Android update matter?

The latest version of OpenVPN Connect for Android provides users several valuable benefits:

  1. It keeps the OpenSSL toolkit current.
  2. The new “Security Level” settings enable the use of “Preferred, "Legacy," or "Insecure" ciphers in the app for greater user flexibility. Note: the Preferred and Legacy security levels use the most secure ciphers.
  3. It features several bug fixes, including one related to application launch.
  4. It includes improved log export capabilities for a better user experience.
  5. The "Minimum TLS version" setting was replaced with "Enforce TLS 1.3" for an improved user experience.
  6. The "Allow Compression" setting was removed from the application.
  7. The File Browser Screen was replaced with a system file browser for an improved user experience.

Note: The app no longer supports Android 8(8.1).

How do I get started with the updated Connect app for Android?

Simply update to the latest version (3.4.0).

If you would like to take advantage of the new “Security Level” settings — and select the kinds of cryptographic algorithms that are acceptable for your connections — follow these steps:

  1. Menu > Settings > Advanced Settings
  2. Select one of the three Security Level settings: Preferred, Legacy, or Insecure.

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Get started today with OpenVPN Connect 3.4.0 for Android

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