Android Release Notes | OpenVPN Connect


  • Added support for deep linking and web authentication using system web browser


  • Minor fix for Web Auth flow


  • Minor changes for Web Auth flow


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed issue with 'mssfix' option in .ovpn profiles


  • Switchover from MbedTLS library to OpenSSL library
  • Support of TLS 1.3 version
  • Support signing with RSA-PSS signatures during TLS handshake
  • Update of OpenVPN3 library to 3.5.5 version
  • Improved stability and performance


  • MbedTLS update to 2.7.13 including fix for CVE-2019-18222


  • New profile import flow with WebAuth support and "Connect after import" ability
  • Improved VPN connection stability when application is in background
  • Added app notification in case when the VPN connection was interrupted


  • MbedTLS updated to 2.7.11


  • Dropped support of MD5 algorithm because it is insecure
  • Disabled tunnel compression by default (can be enabled in the app settings)
  • Removed Private Tunnel section
  • Support of 64-bit architecture
  • Added dark theme
  • Added support of TalkBack
  • Improved battery usage by reducing speed stats frequency from 1 to 10 sec
  • Fixed connection with static-challenge response
  • Fixed proxy basic authentication
  • Fixed ‘AES-CBC cipher algorithm’ setting


  • Refactor of PT adaptive logic
  • Added PT cancel login
  • Changed PT icon
  • Removed reconnect when changing timeout
  • Bug fixes for UI, logs, shortcuts, timeouts and certificate revoke


  • PT OBFS fix
  • PT added do not log out on back button feature
  • Fixed .ovpn file association
  • Added minimize app on disconnect shortcut feature
  • Added pause/resume and clear logs feature
  • Few fixes with logs and shortcuts


  • Fix crash during PT login
  • Added access to settings from PT login screen
  • Added info about PT protocol/port
  • Autologin on bookmarks
  • Import from SD card
  • Integration with external apps  (file associations)
  • Fixed issue with Basic Authentication
  • Various migration fixes


  • Migration fixes
  • Proxy basic authentication fix
  • OnePlus device specific fixes
  • Added ‘don’t show again’ option for disconnect modal
  • Open app at last used profile
  • Profiles sorting


  • Fix for PT login for blocking
  • Added Share button on log screen


  • 2FA fix
  • Label fix for OnePlus devices
  • Changed PT sub expired error message


  • TLS handshake fix


  • TCP connection fix
  • Added options to not save key passphrase/vpn password
  • Fix for profile migration from old version on some configurations

3.0.0 (870):

  • More crash fixes
  • Fix for disconnect after wake from sleep

3.0.0 (820):

  • Fixed issue with VPN pause when network is unavailable
  • Fixed crashes
  • Added disconnection shortcut
  • Added prompt when exiting PT
  • Profiles and settings now preserved on update
  • Fixed reconnection issue on 3g->wifi switch


  • Replaced UI layer with new UI build on React Native
  • Completely updated profile management


  • Updated PrivateTunnel icon in main screen
  • Fixed false positives triggering MD5 warning popup


  • Changed notification icon to monochrome design
  • Added warning message when connecting to server using MD5 to sign certificate


  • Added knob to reject connection using certificates signed with MD5 (default on)
  • Added knob to switch to Dark theme
  • Fixed crash when pushing the 'back' button in file dialog


  • Relax the certificate validation in mbedTLS to allow certificates with broken date format to connect
  • Re-enabled deprecated and insecure md5 signature algorithm. Support for md5 will be officially DROPPED on Apr 31st 2018


  • Fix connection issues to servers supporting only TLS1.0, which was causing crashes on very old vpn servers (< 2.3.7)


  • Fix for importing profiles using external certificates/bundles


  • Upgrade to mbedTLS 2.6.0
  • Upgrade to lz4 1.8.0
  • Upgrade to Android 8 SDK
  • Ask for user permissions at runtime
  • Open import file dialog on user external storage by default
  • Fix for crash if storage path not found
  • Fix for shortcut creation under Oreo
  • Update ovpn3 core
  • Added tls-crypt support


  • Updated mbedTLS (formerly PolarSSL) to 1.3.16
  • Miscellaneous OpenVPN core 3 updates