Now Available — Improved and Updated Access Visibility

Access Visibility Just Got a Refresh — and Moved Out of Beta! — With Several New Features Added

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At OpenVPN, we’re continually improving and enhancing our products. Customer feedback is a major part of that process. We recently announced the release of Access Visibility with CloudConnexa® in Beta, and we are happy to announce that Access Visibility is now out of Beta and marked as a New feature in the Admin Portal. We’ve also introduced additional improvements based on customer feedback (thank you!). We’ll discuss those in detail below.

Additionally, if you couldn’t attend our September webinar on Access Visibility, you can watch the recording here now: Access Visibility for CloudConnexa®.

What’s New With Access Visibility for CloudConnexa®?

The latest update features eight customer-inspired improvements to Cloud Connexa:

  1. We extended the Access Visibility data availability from 7 to 30 days. This was a frequent customer request, and the update aids administrators in data analysis, comparison, and investigations.

  1. Access Visibility now displays the byte counts for individual traffic flows. The byte counts shown per User Group, Network, and Host are aggregated from individual traffic flows. Administrators can now sort the displayed information by the number of Bytes In, Bytes Out, Allowed Events, and Blocked Events to assist in analysis.

  1. We strive to provide convenient features to make traffic analysis and management a breeze. Administrators can now create a new 'IP Service' directly from individual traffic flows within Access Visibility. This feature enables admins to quickly create an IP Service based on the identified traffic flow and then use it in Access Groups. Furthermore, it separates the IP Service's Access Events from that of the Network or Host, making it easier to identify unusual activity.

  1. Admins can now drill down into the hourly view for a specific traffic flow to get a clearer picture of the Access Events. After opening a specific record from a source to a destination in the Access Visibility results table, click on the bar for a specific day to drill down to the daily view, which displays an hourly bar chart. The selected time interval must be greater than one day to switch from the weekly to the daily chart view.

  1. We added the option to display and filter by device UUID to ease analysis and search for Access Events of a specific device. A new destination filter now allows admins to search for a specific target user device UUID. The UUID is also displayed and can be easily copied from the opened flow details on the third-level table view when the destination is one User, a Device, or a User Group.

  1. The portal now shows Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) protocol names by numbers for easier review and analysis of traffic flows.

  1. Depending on the destination selected, the destination Connector and the destination Region can now be shown for each traffic flow displayed. The destination Connector (and the destination Region) can also be used as destination filters.

  1. The portal now also shows the removed Devices and Connectors in filters for post-removal analysis. We display Access Events even after removing Devices and Connectors to better equip admins to investigate past incidents and find their root causes.

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How Do I Get Started With the Updated Access Visibility Feature?

Simply log on to the Admin Portal. You’ll see Access Visibility marked as a New feature. Jump right in and start enjoying the clarity today!

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