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Optimizing Host Collective's Operations with CloudConnexa

In the competitive landscape of hosting services, Host Collective stands as a testament to operational excellence. Led by CTO Frank Cheung, the company navigates the complexities of managed hosting with precision and dedication under their premium hosting brand, Everleap. Their partnership with CloudConnexa shows exactly how the strategic adoption of innovative technology in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) sector can make a powerful impact on your business.

Host Collective's diverse portfolio encompasses multiple brands across the globe, including e-commerce retailers and businesses running multiple SaaS applications, primarily focusing on providing isolated networks and hosting applications. 

OpenVPN facilitates secure connectivity for clients accessing workloads hosted in their cloud infrastructure.

"Most of our customers either run a SaaS application or they have an e-commerce site...They need to manage their resources within our network. That's the number one use case," says Cheung. CloudConnexa plays a pivotal role in this endeavor, facilitating secure connectivity for clients accessing workloads hosted in their cloud infrastructure.

"We are predominantly a hosting company, and we host a lot of managed customers,” says Cheung. “So basically, we separate completely isolated networks for them and host mission-critical applications. We mainly use OpenVPN for our customers to connect to the workloads hosted in our cloud."

Saving time and building efficiency

Frank Cheung's pragmatic approach underscores the importance of reliable connectivity in Host Collective's operations. When a new customer recommended CloudConnexa, Host Collective signed on — and they haven’t looked back. Using CloudConnexa has streamlined Host Collective's infrastructure deployment processes thanks to the quick-to-deploy setup. 

"CloudConnexa is much simpler for us."

- Frank Cheung, CEO of Host Collective

"Before we used OpenVPN for those customers that wanted a VPN connection, we actually had to stand up a physical device for them,” says Cheung, “which is obviously very hard to manage…[CloudConnexa] is much simpler for us because we just need to spin up some software on a VM, and we can back up that in case anything happens. So that's really convenient for us."

Before partnering with OpenVPN, Host Collective had to contend with cumbersome hardware setups and prolonged deployment timelines. With CloudConnexa, Host Collective can provision virtual machines swiftly, significantly reducing setup times and operational overhead. What once required days to accomplish can now be completed in less than an hour, thanks to CloudConnexa's intuitive interface and robust functionality.

Global datacenter reach

Host Collective prides itself on its global presence, with data centers located in multiple key regions, including Los Angeles, London, and Hong Kong. Managing a network infrastructure spread across different continents can be a daunting task, but with CloudConnexa, Host Collective doesn't have to stress about interconnecting their diverse data center locations securely. In fact, those data centers ultimately become unnecessary for their global reach. 

“We are a hosting company,” says Cheung, “so we have data centers in multiple locations in Los Angeles and in London and in Hong Kong. So when customers want VPN, we actually have to have a system administrator or network administrator go to the data center and pop that physical hardware.” Thankfully, with CloudConnexa, they don't have to worry about that. 

Reliable for all their customers’ needs

"So far, it's been pretty reliable...our most significant improvement was in cost and time to market,” explains Cheung. “So I don't need to procure a Juniper firewall and then assist with installing some VPN client on the back end. It used to take a couple of days to stand up a VPN. But now it takes like 30 minutes, 40 minutes."

Reliability is paramount in Host Collective's hosting environment, and CloudConnexa delivers on that front consistently. With streamlined setup processes and simplified deployment workflows, Host Collective can allocate more resources to delivering exceptional hosting services to their clientele.

With CloudConnexa, Host Collective can deliver the high-performance connectivity their clients demand.

CloudConnexa serves as a strategic enabler for Host Collective's hosting offerings, providing secure and efficient connectivity for clients managing SaaS applications or e-commerce platforms. With CloudConnexa, Host Collective can deliver the high-performance connectivity their clients demand.

Host Collective's journey with CloudConnexa underscores the transformative potential of innovative technology in the MSP industry. By leveraging CloudConnexa's simplicity, scalability, and reliability, Host Collective has minimized the time they need to invest per client while simultaneously providing a more reliable and secure network for those clients. 

Whether it's facilitating remote access for maintenance tasks or enabling secure communication between e-commerce front ends and back-end systems, CloudConnexa offers a flexible and scalable solution tailored to Host Collective's needs. With CloudConnexa, Host Collective can focus on delivering exceptional hosting services without worrying about the complexities of managing a global network infrastructure.

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