TechRadar Pro Names OpenVPN Connect a Powerful Package

A Full How-To and Review of OpenVPN Connect for Windows

TechRadar Pro is one of the top IT publications online, sharing some of the best new features and tools in tech for businesses. Which is why we are excited to be featured in this review, published by TechRadar detailing a complete overview and how-to for OpenVPN Connect, our free and full-featured VPN client software. This article not only highlights some of the most useful aspects of the software, but it also details exactly how to configure and set up this powerful package.

They start off by stating some main features of OpenVPN Connect:

“You'll get a strong set of core features. On Windows, for instance, there's 'Seamless Tunnel' (which tries to keep the VPN tunnel active when pausing, resuming or reconnecting), automatic reconnection when your device starts, IPv6 control, TCP or UDP connections, a DNS fallback option, and more.”

They also note the quick and easy configuration process:

“It won't take long to get started. Most users should have OpenVPN up and running within 30 minutes, and it'll often take less time than this.”

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to see the configuration works and is doing its job:

“OpenVPN Connect's simple but good-looking interface plots incoming and outgoing data on a real-time Connection Stats graph. It's not the most essential element you need from a VPN client, but it does at least confirm that the system is working as it should.”

The Seamless Tunnel was among the favorite features for Techradar Pro:

“The 'Seamless Tunnel' option tries to reduce packet leaks when the VPN is paused or reconnecting, perhaps when transitioning from Wi-Fi to a cellular network.”

There are many options inside of the settings box:

“This is just scratching the surface, and the Settings box also has tweaks for IPv6 handling, compression, the minimum TLS version and more. That's handy if you know what you're doing, but if you don't, beware – you could be compromising your security. If you're unsure about the impact of a setting, leave it alone: the default settings are well chosen, and generally work just fine.”

We love getting feedback from you, and we always use it to improve our products and user experience. OpenVPN Connect is a free and full-featured VPN client software, available on Google Play and Apple iTunes stores as well as on our website for MacOS and Windows. Our Connect App allows you to connect to a virtual private network from a remote device — particularly to our commercial enterprise product OpenVPN Access Server.

For this review, they covered the beta program for Windows.

This client is suitable for Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, and Windows 10. Currently it is distributed as a client specifically for 32 bits Windows, and one specifically for 64 bits Windows. Most people will have 64 bits.

To try the Windows beta client, download here. To try the MacOS client, download here.

The app works very similar with other operating systems. Check out the Android build and the iOS version for more information.

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