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Remote Work Spotlight: Why Orlando is Unwilling to Accept Any Less

Remote work is quickly becoming an expected option, rather than a hoped-for benefit. Many job-seekers prioritize organizations that provide remote work capabilities — and Orlando, the OpenVPN DevOps lead, is one of those people. Orlando has worked remotely for several years, and remote capabilities are something he actively looked for in the businesses he considered for employment. Since coming to work for OpenVPN, he continues to work remotely and only travels into the office every now and then as needs arise. When the shelter in place order was implemented in his area, he stopped going into the office entirely.

So, what draws Orlando to remote work?

Orlando spending time with his daughter, making memories together.

“The biggest benefit I have experienced from working remotely is eliminating my commute time. I greatly enjoy having a calm morning with my family and getting that quality time with them that would have otherwise been spent in a car. It is great starting my workday from a stress-free state, rather than starting after the frustration of a long commute and sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. I also appreciate that I am having a positive impact on the environment by not driving and putting out that pollution. I don’t work outside of my home very often, but I love having the flexibility and freedom to do so whenever I want or need.”

Remote Work Culture

Orlando explained that he feels working remotely has been a good thing for everyone he works with, and benefits the overall company culture. Working remotely means that employees are on more flexible schedules, and as a result, they are able to be more productive and focused. “And since team members are not all physically together under the same roof, everyone has become more intentional about keeping in touch.” He explained that communications have become more strategic and productive, and time is being used wisely.

How Access Server Makes It Possible

Orlando firmly believes that three screens are better than one (or two). Perhaps next year he will add a fourth!

OpenVPN Access Server enables Orlando to access all of the different Cloud Service Providers. It also allows him to connect the company’s remote servers (which are spread out all around the world) together securely. This allows remote login and enables him to do all the administrative work he needs to get done from wherever he happens to be. It also makes it possible for Orlando to troubleshoot problems as they arise. On top of that, with a VPN he can access other critical internal applications that are not exposed to the public securely from one location. There is no need to connect to jump boxes that are exposed to the public internet.

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