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Remote Work Spotlight: How Hannah Puts Commute Time to Better Use

Commuting to an office every day, dealing with bumper to bumper traffic, and just looking for ways to kill time while sitting in a car can feel futile. That was the case with Hannah, a Customer Success Rep for OpenVPN. Before working at OpenVPN, it was normal for her to sit in traffic for more than 45 minutes one way just to get to her office three miles away. Spending an hour and a half in the car every single weekday adds up to over two solid weeks over the course of a year. It’s understandable why so many people like Hannah want to eliminate the commute and reclaim all those lost hours and days. When Hannah was offered a job at OpenVPN working completely remotely, she jumped at the opportunity.

How does Hannah feel about remote work?

An avid traveler, Hannah enjoys exploring every chance she gets. She captured this photo at a hot air balloon festival in Turkey.

“Now that I am working remotely, I can spend more time with my family — even on a workday, because I don't have to sit around in traffic trying to get home.” Spending less time driving and more time with family is a perk everyone can take advantage of while working from home. Hannah really enjoys the flexibility and reduced stress of working remotely. “I never have to worry about being late now, and I can take my work with me wherever I go.” Hannah said that when restrictions ease up a bit, she plans to take advantage of location flexibility to do some traveling. She hopes she can explore a new place every other month, and work from exotic new locations.

Remote Work Culture

“I think remote work has been good for our company culture. Everyone respects everyone's time and working conditions more because we understand that it's completely different for everyone.” Although Hannah doesn’t see her co-workers physically, she says she associates them with their profile picture. “Seeing a new profile picture is like seeing someone get a new haircut.”

How Access Server Makes It Possible

Hannah’s must have productivity tools include: Outlook Task, OneNote, and Spotify to stay focused.

Members of the Customer Success team often have to pull analytics and sort through data to make more informed decisions. They access the analytics through a secure connection using OpenVPN Access Server. This ensures there is proper access control, so the team is only seeing the data they need access to — Access Server allows for network segmentation, which improves security by enabling subnetworks within the corporate network. This reduces the risk of human error, and an employee accidentally gaining access to sensitive data. Thanks to having that secure remote connection, Hannah can spend quality time with family and fulfill her travel goals without having to miss a beat at work. She can easily access the data she needs to make informed decisions, regardless of where she is or who she is with.

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