Summer’s Major Updates at OpenVPN

August has been a massive month for OpenVPN, with some major updates and improvements to almost all of our products. From new tools to make configuration even easier, to better, faster, and stronger security features on both Access Server and CloudConnexa, there’s something for everyone in this month’s updates — even a powerful new security tool for personal, and not just business, use. 

Here are the biggest changes August brought for everyone at OpenVPN:

The Network Wizard for CloudConnexa is Live

The Network Wizard is a configuration wizard that guides administrators through setting up networks on CloudConnexa for three common scenarios: remote access, secure internet access, and site-to-site networking. With this new tool, you can now set up your networks and rest assured that you won’t be missing any critical aspects of your network configuration. If you’d like to try it out, sign up for an CloudConnexa account here or login to your current account and see the wizard in action for yourself. 

CloudConnexa Onboarding Now Customizes Cyber Shield for Personal Use

CloudConnexa, while predominantly meant to provide secure networking solutions to businesses, can now also be used for personal cybersecurity. Cyber Shield provides protection from malware and other threats without needing to tunnel all internet traffic through CloudConnexa. To make this more accessible, Cloud Onboarding has been redesigned to quickly allow the security-conscious consumer to get started with Cyber Shield without getting bogged down by business-level configuration options. Create an CloudConnexa account here to access your 3 free connections with Cyber Shield. 

Access Server 2.9.4 is here

With the latest update for Access Server, you’ll have a quick and easy way to upgrade certificates that are out of date or considered no longer secure, like 1024-bit RSA certificates. This update also adds an extra layer of encryption to the communication channel, which will serve to enhance TLS security. 

Learn how to keep your Access Server up-to-date here.

Search Functionality on the OpenVPN Website

Our site has long since housed a deep library of articles, how-to guides, resource pages, detailed use cases, and more. With the latest website update we’ve added a search functionality, which means everything in that library will be that much easier to find. Just click the search icon at the top of the page — and find exactly what you’re looking for.

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