Which version of OpenVPN to use

OpenVPN is a prolific program used in all sorts of software and hardware products. We provide some basic guidance here to get you on the right path.

OpenVPN Access Server, CloudConnexa, and OpenVPN Connect

These are the commercial programs created and maintained by OpenVPN Inc. and are found on this website and on various cloud providers for secure connectivity.

The OpenVPN Access Server is a self-hosted solution with web-based management interface that lets you run your own VPN server based on OpenVPN on your own server. See the installation options page for more information on where and how this can be deployed. Users can get access using our OpenVPN Connect software (or open source OpenVPN). This is the solution we generally advise for businesses that need a reliable enterprise-grade solution on their own hardware.

The CloudConnexa service is a next-gen solution hosted on OpenVPN Inc. servers that offers a secure virtual private network that you can connect your devices to. With advanced access control management you may use this as the secure connection between your services and users. Connectors can be used to connect whole networks or individual servers to CloudConnexa. Users can get access using our OpenVPN Connect software (or open source OpenVPN).

The OpenVPN Connect client is the client program for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, that we advise to use with our commercial solutions. It is free to use and should be compatible with open source OpenVPN servers and services too, although that is not guaranteed.

OpenVPN2, OpenVPN3, OpenVPN3 Linux client

OpenVPN2 is the current main version of OpenVPN that was originally created by James Yonan and made open source. It offers a complete client and server solution on all the major platforms and some more exotic ones with various tools to setup and run a completely open source OpenVPN setup. It is maintained by a community of people that actively develop and evolve the program, and OpenVPN Inc. is one of the contributors to this project. You will find this version in most software and hardware solutions that incorporate OpenVPN.

OpenVPN3 is primarily a client library with multi-threading that implements the OpenVPN protocol and is used in OpenVPN Connect, CloudConnexa, and OpenVPN3 Linux client.

The OpenVPN3 Linux client is a community project for a next-gen client program with tight dbus integration and uses OpenVPN3.

Other OpenVPN-based programs and services

There are very many online VPN service providers and programs that use OpenVPN as the protocol for the secure connection, too many to name. In general it is reasonably safe to assume that if you have an OpenVPN-based device or service that you can connect to it using one of the available OpenVPN client programs or devices that exist out there.