OpenVPN To Sponsor SuriCon

Key OpenVPN Team Members will also be in attendance

OpenVPN is thrilled to be sponsoring this year’s SuriCon, an annual open source technology community conference that highlights discussions and developments relative to Suricata. As an open-source software specializing in threat detection, Suricata shares a lot of values with OpenVPN — and it's used in the CloudConnexa Cyber Shield feature. 

OpenVPN At SuriCon

“We're using Suricata as the main Intrusion Detection System (IDS) behind Cyber Shield Traffic Filtering for CloudConnexa,” explains Elfredy Cadapan, Director of Product Development at OpenVPN. 

Cadapan will be attending SuriCon with James Yonan, CTO and Co-Founder of OpenVPN, who is looking to connect with the Suricata community. “We do use Suricata in the Cyber Shield feature of CloudConnexa,” says Yonan, “so the trip is mostly intended as an introduction to the Suricata community — and to generate interest in possible collaboration on specific enhancements to the Suricata core to improve Cyber Shield.”

About SuriCon

A three-day event in Athens, Greece, SuriCon will feature speakers and experts from around the world — all sharing their thoughts on integrating and making the most of Suricata technology. Suricata is supported by the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting open source security technologies. With their support, Suricata has grown to become a world-class, globally recognized IDS/IPS network monitoring engine. 

“We’re excited to keep up to date with the latest features of Suricata,” adds Cadapan, “and to better understand how to improve integration between CloudConnexa and Suricata.”

As a community supporter, the OpenVPN name will be at the main reception — but Yonan and Cadapan could pop up anywhere, so fellow attendees, be sure to keep your eyes open and come say hi if you get the chance!

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