Smart Routing and Multiple Connectors Now Available with CloudConnexa

Continuing our quest to make CloudConnexa a world-class offering, we have released new features that particularly take the use of Cloud for remote access and secure Internet access to the next level.

Increased redundancy to keep remote access always ON

Now you can have multiple Connectors, instead of just one, connecting your Network to the CloudConnexa. Cloud will distribute traffic among them. For example, Connect your corporate network using two Connectors to the Chicago VPN Region and remote access traffic from your employees will be equally distributed among them. If one of the Connectors goes down, all remote access traffic will use the Connector that is up and connected.

Smart routing for better network performance

What if you use multiple Connectors for redundancy for your remote access network, but connect to different VPN Regions? CloudConnexa will now optimize the route to your Network based on the VPN Region that is being used by the remote user. For example, one of your Network’s Connector is using San Jose VPN Region while the other uses Chicago. Traffic from a remote worker connected to Los Angeles will be routed via San Jose and traffic from a remote worker connected to Ashburn, VA will be routed via Chicago. The routing logic is not just based on geographic proximity but takes network characteristics into account.

Simple but powerful internet access configuration

With the introduction of smart routing, we decided to simplify Internet Access configuration. While previously you needed to configure specific networks as Internet Gateway and then select a specific Internet Gateway Network for the Internet Access setting for User Groups, Hosts, and Networks, now you just set Split Tunnel OFF. CloudConnexa will use smart routing to select the optimum Connector, belonging to Networks set as VPN Egress, to route the VPN egress traffic such as traffic to the Internet.


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